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    Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Renovations

    The modern kitchen is the centerpiece of every home. The best parties always end up in the kitchen. Family gatherings turn out best when held in the kitchen. Ideally, the kitchen is where our meals are also prepared! That explains everything. Kitchen remodeling seems to be one of the most common renovation trends. As we know, kitchen remodeling is not complete without a touch of glamor on the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets say so much about you. In 2017, you wouldn’t just want to opt for any cabinet design. You need something more insightful, and at EA Home design, we are never short of ideas.

    Clean Lines and Subtle Design

    Recently, these two have found themselves amongst the top kitchen cabinet design trends. Embracing clean lines has made the cabinet doors appear simpler and more appealing. If you are considering upgrading your kitchen this year, think of clean lines design. You won’t go wrong. Ideally, clean lines tend to go well with black and white kitchen trends. Eventually, you will end up with a visually appealing and sleek kitchen design. You can embrace the subtle design to offset the tension between rustic and contemporary kitchens.

    Shaker Style Cabinets

    The recent years have seen the rise of shaker style cabinets. At first sight, you might think of them as plain square design cabinets with little room for imagination. Modern remodeling trends have however proved that these designs can be customized to meet the individual needs of homeowners. For instance, you can use high-quality wood in the installation of amazing shaker cabinet. With shaker cabinets, the wood seems to enhance its features and make the most out of this stylish cabinet design. You can move away from the popular white painted wood shaker door and bring in a blend of other colors.

    Think White, Gray, and Neutral

    White cabinets with clean lines seem to be the popular trends. Recently, however, there has been a rising surge of gray and other neutral colors. To make it the dream kitchen you have always desired, you can opt for fine neutral colors and reserved tones galvanized culvert pipes sizes. These tend to blend well with various design elements, adding a sense of warmth to your home. Such a blend also allows you to bring in other bold colors. For those who might not want to change the structure of their cabinets, you can simply opt to give your kitchen a new look through painting. Blend these colors in a seamless way, and you will be proud of the new look.

    What of Horizontal Cabinets?

    Check most homes; you will notice vertical and square cabinets. For those who would like to remodel their kitchens in 2017, you can opt to do things differently. The popularity of horizontal cabinet is fast rising. Such cabinets have the advantage of granting the kitchen a perfect, more refined look. Even, you will not have to stack cabinets to create extra storage space. Isn’t that what you need for your kitchen in 2017?


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