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Are you working on remodeling a serious looking bathroom ?Don't overlook the ceiling! The ceiling is most likely going to be the last element in your bathroom that you’re going to consider for the design. However, the fact that no other space will be used should not make you shy away from using the ceiling to your advantage and add a bit of personality. In this article, we'll investigate in detail fascinating and innovative ways to renovate your bathroom ceiling that can definitely complement your bathroom.

Statement Lighting Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to create some height in your bathroom ceiling is by adding dazzling lighting fixtures to the design. Whether it is a a chandelier or pendant lamps, if it is sleek and modern, lighting can serve also as a focal point along with it, providing all the desired lighting to your space. In an effort to elevate the look of your bathroom, try fixtures with unique shapes or characteristics that complement your overall scheme.

Wood Paneling

A warm look of your bathroom can be easily achieved by adding wood color shades to your bathroom ceiling. Wood establishes a fascinating texture as well as clarity to the room, giving a warm welcoming feeling to the place. You may go with a variety of woods species and finishes and let your personality to speak up through your bathroom’s design: rustic, modern, or traditional. Another way in which wood can be a good choice in the treatment of ceiling imperfections and unevened surfaces is simply to conceal them with wood paneling.

Decorative Molding

Elegant and simple, decorative molding gives bathroom ceiling any level greetings and graceful touches. The crown molding is beneficial for these purposes, for visuals and to give definition. Provided you use the ornamental or sculptural motifs as the focus of attention, the finished design shall get the appeal of the viewer. By using a contrast color, you will be able to raise the molding look or you can give it a matching color with the ceiling to avoid a sharp contrast between them.

Beadboard or Wainscoting

Beadboard or wainscoting is something else that should be considered for decoration purposes of your bathroom ceiling. It will create and add on texture and a visual interest as well. The strike have now spilled to the ceiling to compliment the already beautiful and chic appearance. Beadboard is commonly created from wood or PVC. It contains linear grooves or "beads" that make room for texture on the walls. In addition to the wood paneling, there is also the known technique of wood wainscoting, which features the panels covering the bottom surface of the wall and offers the classic and preserved look.

Metallic Accents

A plaster ceiling makes your bathroom look poor. By adding metallized decorations and lighting, it will add a tone of luxury to your bathroom. For a sophisticated look, try using tiles, wallpaper or even textured paints to get the required feel. The use of mirrors teases thrown accents can push them to reflect light, and it creates an illusion of bigger space and an airy feeling. Choose gold, silver, bronze or copper finish to match you bathroom decor and style. Decor can include surfaces and styling of the place to make it look unique.


Make your bathroom a great and creative place to be.

Given the significance of the ceiling in the bathroom interior design, don’t evaluate it as a matter of indifference. One of the creative and classy ways of bringing out style in the bathroom ceiling will be by using stylish and creative ideas which will transform your bathroom bewitching and more cohesive to the eye. Either you go for the cool lighting fixtures, the subtle wood paneling, the dramatic molding, or the manly beadboards, there're so many options to be considered. The result is a successful bathroom remodeling.

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