Budgeting Kitchen Renovation; the Essential Components

How much will renovating my kitchen cost me? Nearly all homeowners find themselves asking this question when it is time to remodel their kitchens. While it might sound like a grueling one, it is agreeable that anyone who wants to pull off a successful renovation project must find answers to this question. Sitting down and coming up with a realistic budget is the best way of approaching this thing. In most cases, the cost of revamping your kitchen depends on the materials used and the fixtures involved. That makes breaking down individual costs an important aspect of budgeting. So what are the costs of various components?


The materials you are going to settle on and the size of the kitchen will largely determine the amount of money you spend renovating the floor. If you want to reduce the costs in the short term, you can easily opt for vinyl and linoleum material. Tile and wood, on the other hand, are great for long-term investments. They are durable and bring in the upscale appeal anyone would want to have in his bath space. Including the supply and installation, vinyl flooring can cost $57 per square meter. Purchasing and installing premium solid hardwood flooring can cost up to $80 per square meter.


Making a good choice of countertop is necessary for anyone looking forward to making his bathroom one of a kind. People have various preferences when it comes to materials and designs of countertops. If you choose to do solid timber, you need to set aside an average of $900 per square meter. If you want to give the countertop a redefined look using materials such as glass and granite, you should have your budget for this particular fixture running at $6000 or more.


You cannot downplay the essence of splashback when it comes to kitchen renovations. While it might not feature more often in kitchen remodeling, you need to prepare for it just in case you change your mind. Several options can suit your needs depending on your preference. For most people, tile is an obvious choice. In that case, you will spend less than $1000 renovating the better part of your splashback.


Replacing the kitchen cabinets can be costly; it is no secret. If you are trying to save some good money in the process, you will need to be very careful in your choices. For those installing high-end customized kitchen cabinets, you should brace yourself to spend $10,000 or more. Nevertheless, it is worth it. If you want to carry out a standard upgrade using high-quality laminate or wood, you can set aside $5000-$6000.

The whole idea of giving your kitchen a renewed look is great. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the cradled cooking space it has always been for the past couple of years. While bringing in modifications, you can plan things in a way that ensures you save money and still achieve the glamorous look you have always desired for your kitchen!


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