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Ali Meshksar


Best Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs for 2017

Today, nearly every homeowner wants a massive kitchen. It is normal for us to dream of a large kitchen diner with space for range cooker, kitchen diner, and a large dining table to accommodate multiple guests. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to be large to be glamorous. Instead of worrying yourself about space, you can focus on making the most out of the not so big kitchen space. With small kitchens, it’s all about creative designs and stylish insights. Cabinetry-Appliances Integration Being short of kitchen space shouldn’t deprive you of creativity. With ideal planning, you can find a way of fusing appliances into your cabinetry. You will not only save incredible space but also make a compact space appear sleek. In this design, let the range cooker occupy the central space with tulipwood units taking the other spaces within the row. Seemingly, the coffee machine and warming drawer can form a functional bank. You would have squeezed essential appliances within your small kitchen. The U-Shaped Design You can add interest to a tiny kitchen space by simply combining a range of materials in a captivating way. Think of hi-gloss units and Zebrano-veneer cabinets; they make a perfect combination. To be on the safer side, this design shouldn’t involve walls being overstocked with units. Even more, wall cladding seems to blend well with this U-shaped kitchen design. For those in need of extra storage space, you can think of one wall of cupboards on one side with an open shelving on the other one. Movable Storage Rails and Trolleys If the kitchen space is too small to provide sufficient storage space, you can think of investing in a kitchen trolley. With this, you will have an added prep surface, which can be easily pushed away when you do not need it. Even more, it will provide you with an additional space for storing pots, and cookery books. More amazingly, it can also serve as food or drinks whenever you have visitors around. Embrace Open Shelving If your kitchen is small, you do not have to make it appear any more crowded. For such kitchens, there is always the temptation of cramming several units within the rooms to create additional storage space. By doing so, you will only be making the room appear smaller. Do you want to keep your small kitchen nice and tidy? Think of wall mounted plate racks and open shelves. Rethink your Appliances At times, you need to think beyond changing the design of your small kitchen.  Sometimes, what you need is a change in your kitchen appliances. You should embark on using appliances that perform more than a single role. For instance, you can invest on a steam combi oven or combi-microwave. Alternatively, you can opt for smaller but trendy kitchen appliances. You wouldn’t need additional storage space if you make such arrangements. At the end of the day, what matters is making the most out of your small kitchen space without feeling the need for extra space.  

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