Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Virginia

Kitchens have come a long way. From simple cooking spaces to party zones and family gathering spots, we must agree that it has been a long journey. However, we are not there yet. The modern kitchen has not only improved in terms of appeal but also functionality. Anyone looking forward to renovating his kitchen would really want to get the best of both worlds. So, which kitchen design inspirations should a homeowner in Virginia think of adopting?

Narrow kitchen countertops

Thin countertops seem to usher elegance and class right inside our kitchens. Slim countertops are perfect as far as far as resisting moisture resistance is concerned. The thin look also delivers an irresistible appeal.  For someone looking to usher in the sense of uniqueness, you will definitely appreciate walking along this path.

Clever storage

Storage is an essential aspect as far as any kitchen is concerned. Many people seem to agree with this. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen later in the year, think of introducing versatile storage spaces. How you design your cabinets will have a huge influence on this. Modern cabinets aimed at optimizing storage come with various features including integrated drawers and adjustable shelving racks.

Neutral colors

Adequately is ideal for every kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean every homeowner is willing to embrace white colors in all the spaces. Bringing in colors such as dark brown and light gray seems to provide a rich blend that every homeowner wants in his kitchen. If you want to bring chic and shine to modern interiors, adding copper and stainless steel would be the best ideas. It is a special way of blending the industrial feel with the classic residential appeal.

Redefined countertops

What roles does the countertop play in your kitchen? For many homeowners, the countertop is more than a working space. Kitchen countertops have the ability of driving in the much-needed sense of personality within the corridors of your kitchen. If your desire is to make it the focal point of your kitchen room, going for bolder colors would be a great thing to do. Some people would love other areas of the kitchen to stand out. In such cases, going neutral would be the best option. By going down this road, your interior design plans will not have to suffer.

Unique accents

Everyone appreciates a good-looking kitchen, especially if it brings out a sense of personality. Your kitchen should be able to spell something about you. Adding your own sense of personal touch makes your kitchen more adorable. If done the right way, you will want to spend the better part of your time at home in the kitchen. Tiny details such as spring flowers, colorful knobs, and customized shelving reveal so much about you. Have a kitchen that reminds you of everything you stand for whenever you step inside. At EA Home Design, we specialize in kitchen design in Virginia. You can get in touch with us for more ideas on how to make your kitchen an irresistible design hub!


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