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Ali Meshksar


Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Embrace in 2017

For most people, the first few minutes and the last couple of minutes of each day are spent inside the bathroom. That makes it a special place. For such a space, you wouldn’t want something old and outdated. Instead, ambiance, glamour and radiance are necessary. That is why many homeowners consider bathroom renovation as one of the most essential home improvement project. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it isn’t just about the having a sleek room. Staying updated with the latest trends is key. So what is available for homeowners upgrading their bathrooms in 2017? Green bathrooms Recently, there has been a steady rise in the number of homeowners opting for shower plants. Organic feel and hanging plants add life to neutral bathrooms. With the right choice of plants, you will also have purified air. Bringing houseplants right inside your bathrooms creates an environment that will keep you relaxed. If your bathroom feels like a sanctuary to you, you wouldn’t want to miss this additional feature. Borderless showers For those who occasionally used outdoor shower, you can guess the feeling of bathing inside a room without a ceiling. The experience is relaxing and breathtaking. Having a frameless shower brings along the same feeling. For those seeking to renovate their bathrooms in 2017, you should consider this a top priority. It is particularly great for small bathrooms with limited for shampooing and enjoying a long shower. Round Vanity Mirrors Yet another low-lift way of giving your bathing space a trendy look is by considering this kind of mirror. The round face attracts instant attention. It works best when fixed alongside a rectangular vanity. The good news is; this upgrade is so cheap it won’t dent your pocket. French door This year ushers in the perfect opportunity of distancing yourself from the normal door and embracing something new. When paired with a sleek shower curtain, the resultant look is certain to give your bathroom an irresistible appeal. While still serving the same purpose of keeping water from spilling over, it also guarantees a great sense of fashion. Drop white, pick colorful White on white has been a common trend, as long as I can remember. This year, you need to step out boldly and demand something else. Starting with the tiles, you need a colorful choice. You can always try something like vintage. If you decide to adopt this trend, it might be necessary keeping the other spaces neutral in order to let the tiles shine. You can also choose to be colorful when it comes to medicine cabinetry and other bathroom accessories. At the end of the day, all you should strive for is a warm and welcoming bathroom. Would you like some ideas on how to improve the look of your bathroom? 2017 is your year. At EA Home Design, you can always trust our experienced experts to deliver all the tips you need to ensure your bathroom is sleek, modern and undoubtedly breathtaking!

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