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For some homeowners, the basement space is the family junk room with half-empty tins of paint, old toys, and excess pictures without a space to hang them. For others yet, it is the unfinished parking space you simply use out of necessity. Well, it might not have occurred to you how valuable this space can get with a little touch of glamorous home remodeling. Unknowingly, this space provides you with an opportunity of increasing your living space and increasing the value of your home. Are you willing to convert the idle basement into something of greater value? The following insights can provide the perfect start. Home Gym Well, everyone desires good health and wants to stay in good shape. With our busy schedule, making it to the commercial gym every morning proves a hurdle. Well, your basement may be the savior you have been waiting for. With the help of experienced EA Home Design experts, you can turn this space into an effective family gym. You don’t need an extensive stretch of financial muscles to achieve this. After the renovation, you can start small by stocking it with treadmill, a couple of weights, mirrors and some simple exercise outfits. You can also decide to add a bathroom close by for convenience. Man Cave The idea of man room seems to have exploded in the recent decade. With official sites featuring man cave galleries, there couldn’t be any better way of utilizing the basement than turning it into a haven of peace. You can use this space to relax and decompress with ‘your boys.’ It is the little poker house or gaming joint away from town. You can explore some options like card playing, listening to cool music, and watching the game while in this room. Family Room A remodeled basement can be a perfect place for family and close friends to rest. For those having spacious basements, the structure will be fit for holding extended family gatherings where you can also get to play games and catch up with movies. The fact that basements are below-grade spaces make them cooler during summer months making them ideal for relaxing. In the colder months, you can take advantage of the varied heating systems. Home Theater You love watching movies and so is your better half and children. Well, you do not need to visit the cinemas every time you feel like having great movie experience. You can bring the experience home by turning the idle basement into a home theater. The fact that it is a basement gives you a sound buffer; now that is something worth taking advantage of! Home Office Are you working from home or just need a special space where you can continue with official duties away from the boring corners of your office? Well, you can take advantage of the basement space and transform it into something you have always desired. With innovative ideas from our EA Home Design experts, we can help you redesign this critical space the carefree way!

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