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Awesome Best Bathroom Design for Small Bathrooms

We have to admit; your bathroom might be the tiniest room within your home but that doesn’t give you any reason to make to the snuggest room in the house. With a touch of creativity, you can turn the small bathroom space into your favorite spot. How do you achieve this? You just need to embrace trendy bathroom inspirations. Installing a Corner With limited bathroom space, even the smallest sink can interfere with the narrow traffic lane within the bathroom. In such cases, having a corner sink across from the toilet is preferable than one placed across from the shower. Opt for a Shower Curtain Instead of struggling with the wooden door that moves in and out, you can simply embrace the idea of having a sliding shower curtain. They save incredible space and even more, takes off a few bucks from the bathroom remodeling budget. Just be sure enough to get a frosted, waterproof curtain that is easy to clean. Extend the countertop Using wood slabs or stones, you can actually extend the counter and still keep the bathroom sleek and presentable. The extra space can serve as additional storage or placement counter for soap and other items. It doesn’t have to affect the toilet placement if carried out the professional way. Involve an expert if you want the best out of this. Mounting Towel Bar on the Door If you are struggling with limited space, you can have the towel bar mounted on the door. This keeps the towel within a reachable distance. Due to limited storage space, you might be forced to keep the other towels in a nearby closet. However, you will be able to have that one towel you need within the bathroom and within range. Invest in curbless showers Without the curb around your shower, it is possible to have the flooring continue well into the shower. It blends well with concrete, tile, and even stone slab floors. There is also the advantage of curbless showers being easier to clean. This idea supports continual flooring, which gives a spacious feel. Hanging Toilets It is possible to save floor space and have more room for your legs by simply choosing wall-mounted toilets over the conventionally built-in tank version. This provides more room for shelving. You can use that space to build a small shelve that gives provision for additional storage. Forego the tub In extreme cases, you might want to sacrifice the tub to create additional hallway space within the bathroom. Truth be told, bathtubs takes up to twice or more bathroom space compared to showers. As such, doing away with the tub can create significant space within the bathing room. On average, you spend more time in the shower than inside the bathtub, so you won’t feel a great loss if you sacrifice the latter. Making your small bathroom a special part of your home doesn’t have to be gruesome. Instead of blaming the limited space, get creative and make the most out of it using these insightful ideas!

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