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Effective Bathroom Remodleing Tips to Make It Highly Functional

Homeowners think that the kitchen is the most significant room in a house. That’s right; however, the bathroom also deserves special consideration as it is one of the most frequently visited spaces in your living space. Your daily and nighttime routines may be disrupted by a bathroom that is badly constructed. A less-functional bathroom might be a nightmare for you. Nevertheless, do not panic as a little remodel can do wonders for you.


The guide tells you a few essential tips on how to make your bathroom highly functional easily.


1.     Select Low Upkeep Material

When selecting the wall covering and flooring for your bathroom, you must consider how simple the material is to clean and maintain. Natural stone may give your bathroom the appearance you want, but porous stone needs to be coated to keep moisture out. The sealer applied will eventually wear off, allowing dirt and grime to discolor the stone. This is something you should be aware of, however, it shouldn’t completely deter you from utilizing this lovely material in your design.


2.     Enough Light Installation

A bathroom must be equipped with sufficient lighting to accommodate the everyday tasks that must be done there. Pay particular attention to the vanity, where there should be enough light in front of the mirror. The colour light above the mirror should be natural since it will most nearly resemble the light outside. Proper installation of lighting in your bathroom will enable you to do your routine tasks without any obstacles.


3.     Install an Inset Shelf

Don’t settle with a modest corner shelf in your shower or bathtub to contain all of your body wash and hair supplies. A pro tip is to get an inset shelf added to the design as an alternative. The functioning of the area will benefit from this very simple modification when creating a bespoke shower or bathtub. This is how you can store multiple essential items and save space as well.


4.     Add Plenty of Storage

Storage is one of those things that you can virtually never have enough of. In order to avoid running out of space in the future, plan for more storage than you initially believe you’ll need. Make sure you do not rely just on the storage space in your vanity since this is sometimes insufficient. Most families should have 30 inches of counter space, however, bear in mind that your family may have different needs. When space is at a premium, additional wall-hung cabinets and shelves might be utilized. So ensure opting for things that go well with your lifestyle.

5.     Pay Attention to Window Coverings

Cloth window coverings like drapes and curtains shouldn’t be used in bathrooms where there will be a lot of moisture and humidity from showers and bathtubs. These window coverings have a propensity to absorb moisture from the air, which can lead to mildew growth. Blinds made of natural wood should also be avoided since they may start to distort and deteriorate. As alternatives, you may use moisture-resistant materials like vinyl blinds, faux wood, or faux wood for your bathroom windows.


Summing It Up

Your bathroom is one of the essential spaces in your home which must remain functional 24/7. In addition, they must be equipped well with all the essential items. Use this guide to evaluate what items you do not have in your bathroom and make sure to mention them in your checklist this time when you go for a little bathroom renovation.


Top 5 Trendy Cabinetry Styles for Your Kitchen

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen wanting it to look modish and trendy? Choosing the cabinetry can make a difference. With the right and perfectly styled cabinetry and other fixtures that complement your entire kitchen you can create a traditional, contemporary, and transitional look.


Without further ado, delve into the blog to explore a few trendy cabinetry styles for your kitchen.


1.     Modern Style Cabinetry

Options are limitless when it comes to modern kitchen and cabinetry ideas. In addition, there is a wide array of finishes and materials are also available. People often opt for modern-style cabinetry as it not only enhances the beauty of their homes but can ultimately help increase the value of their homes as well.


Furthermore, when thinking about shades and color, gray is one of the trendiest shades which homeowners have been loving lately. White is also perennially desirable for its space-widening quality. So choose according to your requirements.


2.     Rustic Country Style Cabinetry

Focusing on the natural elements of wood, generally with an emphasis on wood grain, a distressed appearance, and a lack of intricate design, define rustic country-style cabinets. Homeowners who want something unique yet appealing may go for this option. Just make sure that this style complements your home’s interior.


3.     Traditional Cabinetry for your Kitchen

With elements like beadboard detailing, raised panels, and other frills that have become increasingly rarefied. Traditional cabinetry might look old to some and classic to others. It simply depends on how homeowners perceive this idea of traditional cabinetry. Traditional maple, dark woods, or neutral-colored paint are frequently used to create traditional cabinets.


4.     Open Shelving

No matter what open shelving can always remain the top choice of homeowners as it helps save a lot of space. Open shelving might be a wonderful alternative if you prefer to organise items on shelves and don’t like to cover every empty space with junk. However, reconsider your choice if you find visual clutter upsetting or want kitchen items to be covered in shelves. Know yourself when it comes to décor; for the most practical kitchen designs, the function above form should be taken into consideration.


5.     Contemporary Kitchen Style

Ultra-contemporary kitchen cabinets produce an impeccable appearance. Modern cabinets may be constructed from a wide range of materials and are characterised by their simplicity of form and absence of ornamentation. If you want to adopt a style that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen, the loveliness of your home, and add value to your property, this might be a go-to option for you.


Wrapping It Up

A kitchen revamp might be a huge investment which can cause you hundreds of dollars and even thousands. So, make sure whether it is contemporary cabinetry, traditional, or rustic country style cabinetry you want to get for your kitchen, and ensure the quality of the material. Consulting with a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor can help you choose the best style and material for your living space.

Top Tips for A Small Bathroom Makeover That You Must Know

Let’s be honest. No matter how much you prepare for your bathroom remodeling project, you will always look back at some point and think “I wish I knew it earlier”. Why? Because bathroom remodels, designs and renovations are full of delays, surprises, extended deadlines, disappointments, and blown budgets.

Fortunately, you can avoid most of the problems simply by streamlining processes with smart planning and decision-making.

Without further ado, delve into the guide to know things that homeowners wish they knew earlier.

1.     Create an Outline

A bathroom remodel might make you feel overwhelmed. A pro tip is to sit down, relax, and list all the things that you have in mind. Make sure to outline what you want to get done in your project, the items and products that you needed, and the material that you want. The entire procedure might go awry if you do not have a well-structured strategy for your bathroom remodel. Things that you should list down include:

  • Dimensions and size of your bathroom
  • The design that you want for your bathroom
  • Your budgets and approximate costs in mind
  • Timeline in which you want to get it completed
  • Contacting a contractor and ask about their availability

2.     Think About Future

When planning your bathroom renovation, take into account your future requirements. It’s critical to plan your tiny bathroom design for your house with both functionality and beauty in mind for you and your family in the long term. In addition, you should decide if you plan to live in your house or want to sell it in future.

3.     Pick the Color Theme

A lovely bathroom makeover might be completely ruined by choosing the wrong shades. For instance, you should never use dazzling white if your floor is mosaic. For the first hour or so, it could appear clean, but it rapidly becomes soiled. Make sure to consult with your contractor and choose the color theme that best complements your home interior. It will help enhance the loveliness of your living space giving it a modish look.

4.     Small Things May Have a Great Impact

A minor change might have a great impact on your bathroom and its overall beauty. To have a new elegant appearance, think about altering the colour of your towels. A tranquil, spa-like atmosphere is created by using white towels. Darker neutrals, such as charcoal grey, are fashionable right now since they exude luxury and glitz. Likewise, you may change the items in your bathroom ensuring that they suit the current remodel well.

5.     Beauty Must Come After Function

Every homeowner aspires to design a bathroom that is both fashionable and practical. However, while upgrading your bathroom, the functionality must come first. Don’t forget to consider efficiency and how best to utilise the existing space. Even though a bathroom is the smallest space in the house, it’s where you start your day, so you want things to go quickly and easily.


Wrapping It Up

Now you are well aware of the essential things that you must pay attention to before starting working on your bathroom remodel. Bookmark this guide so you can look at these points prior to commencing your project so you will not have to sit and regret “I wish I knew it earlier”

Kitchen Design & Remodeling – Understanding Your Options in 2022

Your kitchen often tops the list when it comes to complete home remodeling. Kitchen design and remodeling is a huge project that requires expert assistance, technical knowledge of the procedure, and the ability to complete the project timely.


Therefore, before you hire a kitchen design service, it is crucial to know what it takes from start to finish and what goes on during the process. In addition, you must analyze how you want your kitchen to look ultimately. Determining such factors will help you get the kitchen of your choice.


The guide tells you what options you may have when you decide on upgrading your kitchen. So without further ado delve into the article to learn your remodeling options.


1.     Kitchen Update

You may improve your space without altering the floor plan simply by updating your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets could be completely replaced or only refaced during the process. The replacement of your kitchen’s flooring, backsplash, appliances, worktops, and lighting is not always necessary. A simple update is enough to give your kitchen a whole new look. It might include changing the paint of your walls transforming the dull shades to mesmerizing ones or perhaps, simply replacing your cabinetry.


2.     Kitchen Expansion

Are you tired of your less-functional kitchen which is due to the limited space? You always have an option for a kitchen expansion that can be done in two crucial ways.


  • One involves removing an outside wall and expanding the area into a yard area. This implies that in order to match the current area, your contractor will need to match the home’s enlarged roof and external space as well.


  • The second way is to extend the cabinets into an existing living area to increase the size of your kitchen. It can be done with proper planning and using the strategic framework as analyzing how much you should extend the walls


3.     Floorplan Touch

The cost of remodelling a kitchen with layout adjustments or floorplan is often higher. One of the costliest components of a kitchen redesign is its cabinetry. A smart method to expand countertop space is by adding an island or transforming your cabinetry. However, you should get the service from the best kitchen design expert to save time, effort, and money.


A Customized Design for Your Kitchen

If you are looking to hire a kitchen remodeling service for your project, you should assess your needs and requirement first. You need to get an answer to the following queries:


  • What is your budget according to your projects?
  • Do you want a traditional kitchen or a modern one?
  • What is your lifestyle and how do you want your kitchen to look ultimately?
  • Are you planning to move soon and want to increase the value of your home?
  • What are you actually looking for – a complete kitchen remodeling service or simply minor changes?


Both time and money may be invested in a kitchen remodel. So, make sure to determine each important factor before you hire a contractor for your project. Additionally, the type of design that appeals to you should also be known before you begin planning your redesign.


Wrapping It Up

There can be various designs, ideas, and concepts available from which you can choose for your kitchen. However, make sure to select the style that doesn’t only compliment your home’s interior but adds functionality, beauty, and value to your living space.

Top Inspirational Ideas for Small Kitchens

Your kitchen is small and you feel frustrated every time you enter your kitchen to prepare the meal, right? Small kitchens if not designed properly might add to your frustration. However, a kitchen must be highly functional whether small or large.


Nevertheless, you do not need to be anxious anymore as a little makeover can do wonders for you. Remodeling a kitchen, even a small kitchen can enhance its functionality as well as beauty. Additionally, Kitchens remodelling may even help your room feel lighter and more spacious.


Here are a few creative suggestions for redesigning a tiny kitchen in your living space.

1.     Open the Space Up

Who said you had to confine yourself to the walls of your existing kitchen? Opening up a small kitchen to the rest of your house is one way to make it appear much larger. When you consider methods to open up the area, you might choose either entail knocking down walls or installing a vaulted ceiling. Go for whatever complements your living space best.


2.     Give Emphasis to Colors More

By the saying “focus on colors more” we are not just talking about a white or a neutral shade scheme here. You may opt for different colors including the darker ones as well. Darker colours, contrary to common perception, look good in smaller spaces. The secret to revamping the kitchen is to utilise colour wisely. You may also strategically add splashes of colour all the way to the backsplash to add depth and interest to your small kitchen.


3.     Lighten Up Your Cabinetry

Dark wood cabinets frequently give a smaller kitchen a more closed-off impression. Choose cabinetry that is white or lightly painted. By doing this, you add that element of “brightness” that will truly help your kitchen stand out. A small but larger and brighter-looking space.


4.     Give Your Space a Lavish Touch

Your little kitchen will benefit much from upgrading and modernizing. You can achieve your desired outcomes simply by streamlining a range of items from appliances to faucets and fixtures to lighting and so on. Not to add, more contemporary fixtures and amenities make your kitchen even more useful. However, make sure to choose the items as per your needs and lifestyle.


5.     Add Patterns

At the present, geometric patterns are quite popular in both art and home design. These items are perfect for a tiny kitchen because you can utilise them to give the appearance of more space and make your kitchen look like it came right out of an interior design magazine. So what are you waiting for? Get help from an expert kitchen design and remodeling service and make your space bigger whilst giving it an aesthetic look.

6.     Open Shelving

Your kitchen will appear airier and roomy with open storage shelves. Take a step back and open a few cabinet doors; you’ll see that there is an immediate perception of extra room. However, you can only use this approach if your cabinets aren’t already overflowing. Having crowded shelves can only make the room appear even smaller! So choose wisely!


7.     Stick to Lines

To make a much roomier remove the cabinet handles and replace them with integrated handles at the side of the cupboard doors or you may opt for click/push catches. Additionally, you won’t snag your clothing on door knobs, which is really bothersome in a small galley kitchen!


Summing It Up

Last but not least, you can add personal touches to your kitchen Remodel as well which reflect your personality. However, make sure that whatever idea you are following must complement your interior; or else it will go in vain.

Tips for Hiring the Best Kitchen & Bathroom Design Contractor

Homeowners love to renovate everything from kitchens to bathrooms, to basements, to yards, and just every space in between. They would a lot of money on home remodeling and renovation to enhance the beauty of their home and increase its value.


To get your project done right, you must hire the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling service. An expert service provider will handle your project more efficiently than an amateur one. So, when hiring a contractor for your home, make sure to consider the following essential tips.


Top Tips to Hire a Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company

Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom might become overwhelming as it involves proper time management, strategic thinking, and the right decision-making. Additionally, it also involves matters like what you want to install, where you want to install certain equipment, how the process follows and more.

1.     Check Their License

You should first and foremost confirm that the contractor you choose is licensed. You may rest easy knowing they have taken the required steps to demonstrate their expertise and professionalism. Being licensed or registered demonstrates that the person is knowledgeable. Why does it even matter? It guarantees that they are aware of the proper safety steps to follow and will deliver quality work. Additionally, it reflects that they will take their work very seriously whilst paying attention to each little detail.


2.     Get Referrals

A wonderful place to find reputable contractors for the project is someone you know who just had renovation work done on their home. Simply inquire about the contractor they decided to work with and the quality of the contractors. Direct recommendations from individuals you know are one approach to ensure high-quality service. You ask your social circle or colleagues at the office too for recommendations.


3.     Check Reviews

If you don’t know someone who has just undergone renovation, you may simply browse internet reviews. Users may review the businesses they engage with on a wide variety of websites and channels. This is a terrific approach to separating the good from the bad while still sitting comfortably. However, make sure that the reviews are genuine and published by laymen.


4.     Look at Their Portfolio

You want a contractor who has performed the type of work you want them to complete. Hence, you should, if at all feasible, view some of their previous work or portfolio to assess the nature and the quality of their service. A team’s word isn’t always enough, but viewing samples of prior remodelling or renovation projects will give you additional assurance that you made the proper decision.


5.     Know About Their Availability at Work

Another consideration you should give careful thought to when picking a contractor is their availability. Some contractors can have a waiting list of several weeks or months. In addition, not all contractors may be able to begin a large project immediately. Hence, make sure you are going to work with a contractor who is available to begin a job when you need them to.


Other Considerations – Final Thoughts!

Additionally, there may be variations in how quickly particular people or teams work. Some people work quite fast, while others may have a reputation for dragging out tasks far longer than they should have, which can sometimes be both inconvenient and highly expensive.


Hopefully, these tips remained beneficial in terms of guiding you on what to consider when hiring a contractor. So next time when you look to hire a contractor for your Bathroom remodeling needs, make sure to keep in mind these essential tips – save them for later!

The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Appliances

Having the right kind of kitchen appliances makes your time and work in the kitchen quite easy. Kitchen appliances are an integral part of the kitchen, and almost every appliance has its unique use. But when it comes to buying kitchen appliances, many of us feel confused. So if you are planning a kitchen remodeling and looking forward to buying kitchen appliances, this article will be helpful. So let’s go through the guide to know what kitchen appliances you need to keep in your kitchen. After all, the right appliances make your work a lot easier.

  • Stand Mixer

Do you have an ardent love for baking? If so, then having a stand mixer is all you need in your kitchen. Gone are those days when you had to knead the dough all by yourself, making your hands and nails dirty. Starting with mixing the dough, whisking the eggs to making whip cream, a stand mixer does it all. Having a stand mixer in your kitchen ensures that the mixing is done fast and the entire kitchen doesn’t turn out to be messy. All you must do is add everything to the stand mixer bowl and adjust the beater.

  • Hand Mixer

If you want to get a mixer that will be reasonably priced yet help you with your baking, then go for a hand mixer. Several big brands manufacture hand mixers at an affordable price. If you don’t want to mess your kitchen or want to avoid washing the table top after using a whisk to beat the egg, then a hand mixer is your go-to thing. Though, unlike stand mixers, hand mixers don’t quite make your work faster, it does the job. But unlike the stand mixer, the hand mixer doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit in any of your drawers.

  • Air Fryer

Do you want to start living healthy? Avoid oil as much as you can. Well, to help you in this endeavor, ensure all the foods cooked in it use minimum oil. It is only with an air fryer that you can achieve the perfect crispiness of any food with the use of minimum oil. One can easily bake, reheat or roast with an air fryer. You can adjust the temperature of the fryer between 95 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Coffee Grinder

If you are a coffee lover, having a coffee grinder in your kitchen is a must. No doubt there are hundred different brands that sell coffee powder but grinding your own coffee beans has a different taste. When you grind your coffee powder, it gives you the exact flavor and essence you’ve been looking for. There are two types of grinders available in the market, namely the burr grinders and the blade grinders. But if you want uniform grinding, then you should choose burr grinders.

  • Food processor

Has it been a long time since kitchen remodeling? Then instead of spending hundreds of bucks on redesigning your kitchen, buy some useful kitchen appliances. And one among these useful kitchen appliances is the food processor. Food processors are basically blenders, except you don’t have to add any liquid while mixing the things.

Final thought

So here’s the ultimate guide that you need to know when it comes to buying kitchen appliances. But if you are moving into a new home and thinking of kitchen remodeling, you can contact EA Home Design. They help you design the kitchen of your dreams and ensure that they can do so within the given budget.

Top Bathroom Remodeling Designs of 2022

Are you thinking of remodeling and renovating your bathroom? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top 2022 bathroom remodeling trends that will give it the makeover it needs.

  1. Merge indoors and outdoors

It is a new concept that is trending, which is to merge your indoors with outdoors for remodeling your bathroom. You can align your bathroom’s architecture, placement, and materials with your surroundings. This way, you will be able to see more timber in your indoors, and you can enhance the decor by adding glass walls to your bathroom.


  1. Adding a wet room

If you want to simplify your bathroom remodeling decor, you can consider adding a wet room that can withstand all kinds of wet conditions, including the shower. You can achieve this by partitioning the dry area from the wet area. The shower, sink, and bath will all be able to fit in one compartment. These rooms will also be easier to clean that way, maximizing the spacing of your floors.

  1. Choose the organic style

Organic style comprises plants, earthy colors, and all-natural materials. This type of bathroom decor started in 2020, and in 2022, it is emerging to be one of the most prominent styles. Therefore, if you are a fan of all things natural, this is just the style you must go for.

  1. Touchless faucets and modern sinks

Changing a faucet can improve the look of your bathroom in an instant. Since washing hands has become an important part of personal hygiene since the pandemic, people are switching out on old models of sinks. That is why most people are not shifting to touchless faucets. These faucets are now turning into modern sinks and are just the upgrade we are all waiting for.

  1. Marvel with marble

When you add marble to your bathroom, it quickly gives off a feeling of luxury. Classic white marble can go well with gold and gray color tones, while black marble can give your bathroom a contemporary and sleek finish. So, the next time your guests come over, they will marvel at your bathroom decor’s elegance.

  1. Go Bold with your wallpaper

Wallpapers can transform any room’s beauty, which holds true when it comes to bathrooms. You can have the liberty to choose romantic floral patterns and tropical themes for your bathroom. In addition, you can opt for vinyl wallpapers because they are resistant to humidity and moisture. If you have a large bathroom, you can go for a large-scale pattern or print. For a small space, you can select a corner of your bathroom or a singular wall to add wallpaper and to make it look large.

We have discussed the top remodeling ideas for your bathroom. If you want to merge the indoor of your bathroom with its surroundings, you can opt for glass walls. At the same time, for your bathroom remodeling, you can consider adding a wet room and partitioning it from the dry one. Marble in your bathroom can make it look elegant. In addition, adding bold wallpaper can enhance the appearance of your bathroom. You can also update your existing sink by going for touchless faucets. Lastly, organic styles have been the new trend that you can try.

Eahomedesign is a website where you can explore more trendy remodeling designs for your bathroom. This will help you give your bathroom a modern and classy appeal.

The Best Tiles For Your Kitchen Floors

Thinking of kitchen remodeling? Well, the best way to do this is to change by changing the tiles on your kitchen floor. People who love to cook spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. But one thing that they hate the most is cleaning the tiles after cooking. Most of the time, even after repeated scrubbing, the food stains don’t leave the tiles, thus making them look dirty. So what kind of tiles should you choose that’ll not only change the look of your kitchen but will be easier for you to clean? This article will talk about some of the best tiles that you can choose for your kitchen floors.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles for wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Most people go for ceramic tiles as not only are they cost-effective but also hypoallergenic. As a result, doesn’t collect any allergens and dust, thus keeping your kitchen hygienic. Ceramic tiles come in different patterns and colors, thus giving you a variety of options to choose from. But unlike other materials, ceramic is colder underfoot, so it’s advisable that you wear slippers during winters to avoid getting cold feet.

  • Vinyl

If you want a kitchen design that will save you money and be durable, then vinyl tiles are the best. Vinyl tiles are a great substitute for hardwood and don’t leave stains or watermarks. Compared to other materials, vinyl tiles are quite low maintenance and are quite hassle-free when it comes to installation. But you’ve to ensure that you don’t use heavy-duty cleaning supplies to clean the vinyl floors regularly, or they might end up damaged.

  • Concrete

If you want a sturdy kitchen floor, you can go for concrete. They are one of the most inexpensive ways of redesigning your kitchen flooring. Concrete kitchen flooring can be used as a part of the modern aesthetic.

  • Porcelain

If you live in high-traffic areas, then porcelain kitchen flooring would be a better option as they are quite tough. You can also go for unglazed porcelain flooring if you want to hide any kind of wear or scratches. Unlike many other kitchen flooring materials, porcelain is difficult to install. But being water resistant, it makes an excellent flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Travertine title

Do you want to choose an eco-friendly option for your kitchen flooring? If so, then you can easily choose travertine titles. This material is a type of limestone and adds a rustic look to your kitchen flooring. Travertine tiles are a high-end luxury material, and if maintained properly, it can retain the same charm for decades. Unlike other flooring materials, travertine titles are completely biodegradable and used in their natural form. The cost of installing travertine tiles falls somewhere around installing ceramic and porcelain kitchen flooring.

  • Marble

If you want to spend a hefty amount for your kitchen flooring, then marble flooring is the best option. However, marble is a luxurious option for kitchen flooring but is susceptible to stains and scratches. Even though marbles are waterproof, you’ve to be careful if the floor is wet as it gets slippery.

So, to sum up, these are some of the best tiles for kitchen flooring. If you’re thinking of kitchen remodeling, you should contact EA Home Design. They are one of the top-notch remodeling companies in Virginia. The EA Home Design team ensures that you get the kitchen floor of your dreams.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm bath after a long hectic day? Don’t we all dream of a luxurious bathroom with a big hot tub or a large spa space? Since not all home spaces are the same, having the bathroom of your dreams becomes difficult. But what if you could do something to change that small cubical of a bathroom of yours? This article will talk about a few design ideas that could change that boring bathroom of yours. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these bathroom design ideas soon.

  • Go for Bathroom Art

Who said art pieces could only elevate the beauty of your rooms? If you want to go for bathroom remodeling, you can use these art pieces too. Having art pieces in your bathroom gives an edge to your mundane bathroom and makes it look more curated. Instead of going through big art pieces, you can go for subtle picture frames that match your bathroom décor.

  • Add a little Wood

Wooden fittings are known to give a royal touch to things. So one of the basic design ideas you can go for is adding wooden cabinets to your bathroom. The wooden cabinets will serve as a more durable storage option and look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Add Showers

Gone are the days when people used to fit a conventional shower head in the bathroom. These days there are a variety of shower faucets to choose from. So you can choose from a sports-style directional shower or plate-style head to enjoy your shower time. It’s better if you buy quality showers as it ensures the durability of the shower.

  • Use Textured Tiles

Most bathrooms are either light colored or covered with quite basic textures. But if you want to design your bathroom, then you can start by choosing textured tiles for your bathroom. Textured and bright colored tiles not only light up the mundane bathroom but also give a visual luxury effect.

  • Light it up

We all know proper lighting can enhance the design of any space, and your bathroom is no exception. Instead of using the same old bulb or LED tube light for your bathroom, you can change it to something different. You can go for mood lighting or waterproof lighting for your bathroom. After all, a proper set of lights can change the entire ambiance of the bathroom.

  • Install a Sauna

The best way to redesign your bathroom is by installing a sauna. Instead of installing a bathtub, a sauna would look quite luxurious in your bathroom. Having a sauna in your bathroom helps you to relax after a long tiring day. So instead of spending hundreds of bucks at saunas and spas, it’s better if you install one in your bathroom.

These are some of the bathroom remodeling ideas that you can easily follow. Apart from this, you have to remember that nothing will matter if you don’t clean your bathroom regularly. If you don’t have time or can’t manage to keep your bathroom clean, you can always call for professionals. EA Home Design is one of the most renowned remodeling companies in Virginia.

Apart from remodeling your houses or kitchen, they also have expertise in redesigning bathrooms. The talented redesigning team has accomplished hundreds of projects and has thousands of satisfied customers. They can remodel your mundane bathroom and turn it into the most luxurious space in your house. You can go through their catalogs to select the kind of design or remodeling you want for your bathroom.

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