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Here are the most useful 5 tips for considering color while remodeling your house.


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Color is the perfect tool towards creating the homely influence by adding personal touch, charm and liveliness. Your color palette can be as eclectic as you like, from bright shades to subdued tones. You can experiment with diverse ways to weave color into your space to show your preferred aesthetics and build a relaxing habitat. If you're looking to infuse your home with color but aren't sure where to start, here are five foolproof tips to inspire you:If you're looking to infuse your home with color but aren't sure where to start, here are five foolproof tips to inspire you:

1. Start Small with Accessories:

In case you are a little apprehensive about going forward with a bright or colourful color scheme, you could begin by bringing in colour accent pieces such as colourful throw pillow, area rug, artworks, or decorative accessories. This would aid in trying new colors and that get tired easily compared to print.

2. Experiment with Paint:

Splashing on a layer of paint or completing the makeover with a roller and brush can dramatically change the way your room looks and the color it offers. Colors are important part of home painting process, so you may cover full wall by a bright paint color or only an accent wall, molding, or ceiling, there is no limits to what you like. In addition, if you have color preference, try gaining samples or swatches and testing the variation of light before being to decide.

3. Bold Accents:

Charcoal Gray: Although gray is a shade that is often skipped on by some designers, a deep charcoal one can add a dramatic feel and bring some style when used as a prominent accent wall in a small bathroom. Blend it with white shiny objects such as worktops and other accessories to provide contrast and welcome artistry.

Navy Blue: The navy walls itself in a small bathroom is an efficient approach to create depth which together with bright white trim and accents, will bring incredible splendor to the bathroom. Instead of navy blue, you can shift your focus on a wall which can be decorated with an accent color or a geometric pattern that will stand out like never before.

Rich Jewel Tones: If you want your room to look sophisticated and majestic, pick a color palette that is complex and deep. Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or amethyst purple would fit in this category. When it comes to color application in tiny bathrooms, it is recommended to use bright colors moderately as they draw too much attention and might seem incongruous with the space. However, you can create a bold statement by spray-painting a single shade as the focal point, thus adding some character to the tiny bathroom space.

4. Textured Finishes:

Faux Finishes: Adopt techniques such as the Veneer plaster or textured paints which may add the texture to small bathroom walls. These spendings also give the walls an air of diversity that is used to enhance the visal appeal and make a perfect backdrop for your bathroom decorations.

Wallpaper: A wainscot wallpaper with a barely pronounced pattern or a wall cover with a different texture will give body and depth to your small bathroom walls. Try to use wares with moisture-resistant functionality and steer clear of the patterns that can overload the space.

5. Reflective Surfaces:

Mirrored Tiles: Small mirrored tiles on the walls can give the impression of a bigger space. They create the extra visual space that makes a small bathroom look like an ordinary-sized as compared to being cramped. Think about that mirrors can become a decoration detail on the accents wall when they bounce the light in the room.

High-Gloss Paint: In order to make small restrooms look brighter, glossy colors can be applied as they will not only reflect the light, but they will also create a luminous ambiance. Paint walls with light reflective colors and finish the paint job with high-gloss finish, to open up the space as experts say.

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