7 Tips On Making Your Old Kitchen Look Modern


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Ali Meshksar


A trendy kitchen is the pride of every homeowner. Nothing feels better than showing off your modern design cooking space to close friends and relatives. It makes you appreciate the decision of investing in your kitchen. For someone who is yet to make this a reality, it is never too late. You can still give your kitchen a modern look it deserves. The following tips will come handy.

  1. Smart Technology
No one who wants to make his kitchen appear sleek and trendy in 2017 will leave out the idea of technology. Smart kitchen is the trend. Today, technology has penetrated the kitchen in every way, not just the appliances and gadgets. To give your kitchen the modern appeal, consider investing in sensor-equipped faucets. They are capable of sensing the presence of hands underneath and pouring water in effect. You can also have a coffer make that ensures your breakfast is ready when you are up. You just need to automate it. It becomes even better when you choose to smarten the lighting system. This gives you the opportunity of controlling the kitchen lighting from your phone or tablet.
  1. Folding and Sliding Cabinet Doors
Most kitchens feature the common open and close cabinet door system. For someone who is out to give his kitchen a redefined modern look, you can choose to do things differently. You can now how folding and sliding cabinet doors. Make the experience even better by having them operated using a single button or even better, your tablet.
  1. Curved Islands
Another contemporary kitchen reinvention is the curved kitchen island. Many homeowners are now considering this option because it guarantees unique focal point. This design can be modified to make the kitchen island an additional wine storage space, or a bar. This modern design makes your kitchen more stylish with enhanced functionality.
  1. Quartz remains king
For those who want to give their kitchen a sophisticated high-end feel, quartz is the answer. This material works perfectly well for a modern kitchen countertop. The material is known for its longevity and its appealing look.
  1. Composite Sink
Lately, there has been a rise in this kind of sink design. The style features sinks made from the same design as that of the countertop. The uniform lock created ensures elegance and makes the cleaning process easier.
  1. Hardwood Flooring
It is the most preferable choice of flooring for many homeowners looking for a revamped modern kitchen look. This flooring material now comes in various designs and colors. The look is great in a kitchen with modern appliances and smart technology.
  1. Backsplash redefined
The modern day backsplash contracts the countertop. This design makes the backsplash stand out. If you can bring in tiles of various designs, do not think twice about it. Think of floral print backsplashes. They give your kitchen a new feeling. You can even personalize the look by having your preferable design printed on the glass backsplashes. Embrace something new today and let your cooking space exhibit the modern kitchen design.

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