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7 Best Ideas about Kitchen Remodeling

Of all the rooms within the house where unique decorative designs can have the greatest impact, the kitchen wins. Many homeowners would admit that a well-designed kitchen easily steals the shows every time the visitors are around. Who doesn’t want a kitchen that makes friends want to stay around every time they come to visit you? Everyone is in! Funnily, most homeowners believe that such kitchens take an arm and a tooth to gain. That is far from the truth. What you need are simple kitchen remodeling ideas. We will share with you a couple of them.

  1. It starts with the layout
When renovating your kitchen, your number one priority should be the kitchen layout. Take closer consideration of the work triangle; the distance between the stove, sink, and the refrigerator. Advisably, this area should occupy a small footprint as possible. It is also recommended that the refrigerator be put closer to the door. After all, most people visiting the kitchen end up there!
  1. Make the backsplash count
Apart from the cabinetry (ignoring the floor), the backsplash tends to take the biggest space in the kitchen. It forms a significant portion of the kitchen’s visual real estate. As many kitchen renovation experts will tell you, don’t shy away from splurging when it comes to the backsplash. Take advantage of these features to express your sense of style and personality.
  1. Be keen on details
The hardware components of a kitchen play a significant role in the general outlook. More precisely, the underlying materials of your kitchen cabinetry reveal so much about you. Add upscale elegance to your kitchen by going for the right type of hardware. Choose the ideal material, representing a perfect blend of class and elegance.
  1. Simply light it up
Nearly everyone who walks into the kitchen finds himself looking at the ceilings. That is why you need to invest in stunning lighting fixtures when carrying out kitchen remodeling. Bring in some great sense of lighting around the sink and over the island. Most importantly, focus on making the kitchen lighting fixtures nearly irresistible.
  1. Think Quality
When shopping for kitchen renovation materials, don’t just concentrate on the appearance. You must think long term and go for quality. Whether you are planning to stay within for several years or sell the house, you will be certain to obtain real value for your cash.
  1. Splurge on the floors
Most people tend to settle for ordinary flooring when renovating their kitchens. That is where they get it all wrong. You need to be smart in your choice of flooring. Lend your kitchen a luxe look by investing in 12-inch ceramic tiles. To spice up the design, have the tiles laid diagonally.
  1. Colorful kitchen appliances
You do not need the finest painting job for your kitchen to look great. Simply upgrade your kitchen appliances and let the come adorned in an array of attractive shades. From the refrigerator the microwave, make the little choices count by inviting the perfect color blend. Do you need additional tips on how to renovate your kitchen? EA Home Design experts are always here to help.

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