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Ali Meshksar


6 Top Trends in Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2017

The kitchen is always put to the test every time visitors and close friends are around. Passing such tests can only mean staying in tune with the latest trends. Besides the obvious need of showing off your kitchen to friends, you also need to feel proud every time you step inside this precious space. Visual appeal isn’t all, however. Modern kitchens are more about functionality. So how do you blend the two and still end up with a gorgeous kitchen? The following kitchen remodeling ideas are all you need! Butler’s Pantries With the modern kitchens that are more than just cooking spaces, messy pots, and crumbled pans in the sinks are the last things you want to see. Homeowners have found realistic solutions in ensuring their kitchens remain tidy and presentable. If you want to join that wagon, simply get yourself butler’s pantry. You can do all the prep work in the butler’s pantry and then close the doors when you are done. You will get to worry about cleaning the space when all the guests are gone, and you have ample time to work on this. Double sinks Two sinks are better than one; the saying goes. For those who might not have enough space for butler’s pantry, you can think of installing another sink. With this, you will be able to rinse glasses and do other minor cleanings when the other sink is of full of dirty dishware. It just gives you more time to organize yourself. Flat front cabinets This bare-bone look has been around for some time. It isn’t going away anytime soon. The sharp edges and nicely fitting parts give your kitchen an appealing look. In the next few years or even months, we expect this sleek trend to extend to cabinetry and even kitchen island. Dining bar Nearly every homeowner now appreciates the need for breakfast bars and stools inside the kitchen. Meanwhile, another trend is setting in steadily, that of integrating the dining table inside the kitchen. If you are the chef, you won’t miss the fun while preparing food for the guests. If you so much belief in your food prep skills, this open-layout trend also gives you an opportunity of showing off what you’ve got. Terra-cotta flooring Terra-cotta tile is here again. For someone who wants the exotic-old world charm back into his or her kitchen, this trend provides a formidable option. It is durable. You don’t have to stick with the common tiles everyone is going for. High-low decorating furnishing Splurging on your kitchen is a great idea, but you might not always have the funds to bring all the high-end kitchen appliances homes. Many homeowners have now embraced the idea of high-low mixing. If you can afford to splurge on the refrigerator, find a budget-friendly oven to go with. Do not shy away from integrating affordable pendant lights with sophisticated luxe stoves. If you are awesome in your choices, everything will fall in place without anyone realizing the vast difference in price points.

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