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    6 Luxurious Kitchen Decorating Ideas From Award Winning Designer

    Have you ever wondered what makes a beautiful kitchen? It is difficult to give an answer to this question. There are many things that make a kitchen extraordinary.


    It is a personal choice and taste, yet we should not forget that the main elements have to be in proportion, a proportion so that the kitchen had the desired effect. It can be colored walls, layout, a mix of textures, lighting or color fronts elements themselves.


    However, no matter how you decorate the kitchen, you need to know to achieve balance. So, regardless of the style of which is inclined, balance is the key. See proposal for the luxury kitchen from our company and get inspired on how to achieve the “wow” effect.

    Kitchens are usually the most expensive room in every home when it comes to decoration. When you make a list of all the necessary items for purchase, starting from work surfaces, white goods, kitchen appliances, faucets, tiles …


    Achieve perfection with luxury faucets made of copper or gold plating, using marble and elegant decorative handles. We believe that you will be a satisfied with the luxury effect.


    We present you the tricks from awarded winning designers that will bring a touch of luxury to your room without emptying your wallet.


    1. Add the metal element

    The elements of metal or iron can completely change the look of the pieces of furniture and can do miracles for your kitchen cabinets and components. Replace the knobs on the drawers, and kitchen cabinets with new, unique metal handle that will for a moment to update the entire space.

    1. Use bright colors

    The bright colors on the walls and kitchen cabinets immediately illuminates the space, so that the interior of the kitchen look bigger and more expensive. Light colors reflect light and successfully hide a multitude of faults, including scratches and dents in the old elements.

    1. Replace the doors on kitchen cabinets

    Replace old worn outdoors on the kitchen cabinets with new or renew the old ones, and this will give your kitchen a sleek design. Use glass or doors high gloss for glamor. Give up the doors in some areas and create open shelves to show off your most beautiful pieces of pottery.

    1. Change lighting

    Chandeliers and lamps are the perfect complements, which will not only make your kitchen beautiful but it will change the atmosphere in the interior. Replace the standard lights that come in most homes and enter an unexpected element in your home.

    1. Use works of art

    The work of art is a great way to elevate each room, and a variety of paintings will do the same in your kitchen. Do not be afraid, select big and bold pieces that will give the illusion of more space.

    1. Color your kitchen appliances

    Do you not have stainless steel appliances? No problem.

    Use the color of stainless steel to refresh appliances that still work well. Be careful when using color depending on the machine and its use.


    To make your kitchen look nice, like those in the magazines, it is necessary to be orderly. Remove all small kitchen appliances or things that you do not use. You will get more space, and the kitchen will look nice and clean all the time.

    We hope you find these ideas helpful for making your perfect luxurious kitchen.


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