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Ali Meshksar


5 Tips to Upgrade your Old Bathroom

For long, bathrooms were merely functional spaces people only visited when in need of a quick shower. In recent years, however, there have been dramatic changes in how people view and use bathrooms. Today, many homeowners spend quality time in their bathrooms, a quiet time away from hustles of the world. If you are still seeing your bathroom as a bathing space you only visit in the morning for a rush bath, it’s time you do thing differently. It all starts by giving your old bathroom a renewed look. So what necessary changes should you make? Upsizing Tiles Initially, people did not take closer considerations of bathroom flooring. Today, homeowners are demanding more. For a glamorous bathroom, you should start by changing the flooring. Large format tiling provides an easy cleaning time. If you can afford quartzite, don’t think twice. Many people love this trend. You definitely want to go this way. Go bold with tile patterns Perfect bathroom flooring isn’t just about the choice of material. The laying styles also matter. Not so many people realize that the arrangement of flooring materials affect the visual shape and size of the room. Steadily, people are moving away from the conventional rectangular patterns. For someone who wants his bathroom flooring to reflect a modern look, you would probably go for a diamond or herringbone layout. Other patterns worth embracing include diagonal styles and vertical brick formats. You can get bolder and adopt the Versailles formation in which four different sizes of tiles are laid together in a staggered pattern. This random, timeless pattern will definitely give your bathroom a redefined look. Modify the lighting fixtures In today bathrooms, creativity when it comes to lighting fixtures is necessary. Adopt a lighting system that allows the bathing space to be bright and welcoming at daytime. When the sun goes down, the same room should be beaming with radiance, thanks to a concoction of lighting solutions. Recently, dimmable lights and sensor lights have become common. While achieving glamour, try to keep your lighting fixtures energy-efficient. The Wallpaper Factor Wallpapers inside the bathing rooms have never been trendier than they are today. Come on, how else would you transform the boring look of your bathroom walls. Wallpapers have been known to bring an instant sense of attraction to any room. The idea of the bathroom being associated with dampening conditions might be troubling you. With the advent of washable vinyl wallpapers, you now have very little to worry about. For best results, have the professional work on the application process. Invite nature One last thing you need to do to give your bathroom a redesigned look is to simply take in houseplants. You have a variety of options to choose from-terrariums, orchids and fig plants. This blends well with a matching background. Simply go green. Are you tired of the old look of your bathing space? It doesn’t have to stress you. All you need are just a few tips and tricks. With the help of EA Home Design experts, you can be sure to get the job done perfectly.

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