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5 Proven Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel


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Most homeowners will openly agree that remodeling a bath can be a costly venture. From replacing a tired vanity to redoing the bathroom flooring, one might end up spending more than the initial budget. However, no one wants to spend more than he is willing to. Every move to save money is therefore highly welcome. So how do you ensure an affordable bathroom renovation project? Plan ahead Working with professional designers or architects might seem like an expensive venture for someone renovating his lovely bathroom. However, it is only after the project that many people realize it is money well spent. With a worked-out plan, courtesy of professionals, you will end up with a realistic design. In the process, you will save yourself the pang of unnecessary surprises that can make bathroom renovation quite an expensive process. Maintain the plumbing system Embracing the existing water and sewage pipes will save you several bucks. If you can avoid changing the plumbing system while redoing your bathroom, please do. Ideally, you do not need to relocate utilities such as the toilet and the sink. Simply replace them while still maintaining the same plumbing fixtures. This is another reason why you need professional designers. They will advise you to keep the plumbing system where it is. Rethink tossing money down the toilet When renovating your bathroom, one of those obvious things that cross your mind is toilet replacement. Is it necessary? The truth is; bathroom renovation in Virginia does not have to involve replacement of the entire toilet set. You can simply go for the idea of replacing the lid and toilet seat instead of doing away with the entire porcelain perch. By simply replacing these components, you can give your toilet a redefined appeal. Along the way, you will also be keeping the money you might have used on plumber installation charges. Consider open shelving Well, the bathroom is a private space. However, any attempt to make the room feel more spacious is highly welcome. Instead of opting for closed cabinets, settle on open shelving. You can have a few drawers for your private items then have the rest of the properties displayed in open shelves. Why should you hide your colorful towels and antique washes? Patch it up with paint Sometimes, all you need to give your bathroom a new look is to bring in new hues. Repainting the bathroom walls is an affordable way of remodeling your bathroom without spending money on expensive decors. Just be sure to blend the colors perfectly. While you might want to handle the repainting on your own, it always pays to involves seasoned professionals. Are you renovating your bathroom in the next couple of days? It does not have to cost you a fortune regardless of the bathroom renovation ideas you pursue. You can keep the budget low while still maintaining a sleek look and glamorous feel. By taking into consideration a couple of tips, you can save money and still have your bathroom looking gorgeous!

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