Designing Interior: Trendiest 5 Styles of Decoration


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If you are a home owner planning to renovate the interiors big question you are probably having is which style option to go for? Here are five popular interior design styles that are sure to inspire your next home decor project:Here are five popular interior design styles that are sure to inspire your next home decor project:

1. Scandinavian:

The Scandinavian design is mainly characterized by its simplified outlines, systematic design, and practicality as elements. This decor style entails biogenic materials, say wood and stone, too, and a neutral color palette with a liberal use of colors for creating an accommodative scene. Scandinavian design is all about the creation of atmosphere of cosiness and convenience, where the biggest thing is the simplicity and functionality.

2. Industrial:

Faux industrial interior design looks for all spirits in old factories and warehouses; they make use of raw materials that are typical for the style: exposed bricks, metal pipes, and reclaimed wood. The Throwback Style of interior design is expressed by having the space no longer closed, but featuring open floor plans, high ceilings, and large windows to breath some fresh air into and make it more spacious. Industrial design is often portrayed as having a functional and utilitarian style including all the cleanliness and simplicity.

3. Mid-Century Modern:

In the middle of the 20th century evolved the interior style known as the mid-century modern. It is clear from its curved lines and organic shapes, as well as the simple design that this style is very different from all the other styles. The mid-century modern design has not only become timeless but also it has the ability to recall memories of the past. With items that give us comfort and pleasure such as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Noguchi Coffee Table, this style also features bold and metallic finishes and gives a splash of the brand’s logo color. The design of the mid-20th century, incorporated with approach of combining function and form is the art to create a classic and refined overall look.

4. Bohemian:

As eclectic and colorful as Bohemian style, it refreshes the ideas from different cultures and design styles across the globe whether they express distinct regions, people, or forms. ‘Boom-style’ emphasizes creative use of different furniture, fabrics and accessories in an aim to individualize their homes and to delineate themselves from the crowd. Bohemian design brings a bohemian style of aesthetic that offers creative ways to layer textures, bring in vibrant colors, and fill the space with beautiful plants to give the area a cozy and inviting look.

5. Contemporary:

Modern interior design that focuses on the perfection of form, pristine surfaces, and a neutral color scheme is in vogue in these days. Such an architectural style oftentimes incorporates open floor plan, simple furniture's elements, and the geometry composition (for instance such as asymmetry application). Current design can be described as the one which quintessentially reflects the classy and thoughtful stylistics of the eras past, with an accentuated concern on the aspect of simplicity and utility.


Whoever you'd like there is a design style for you – from the minimal Scandinavia, to the industrial or even the eclectic Bohemian vintage style. Through these experiments, you can learn different things and select the ones that work best for your specific style and personality.

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