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Ali Meshksar


5 Kitchen Renovation Secrets for Virginia Homeowners

Kitchen remodel projects have grown huge over the past few years. Today, the modern Virginia homeowner spends an average of $40000 doing his kitchen. For a full kitchen remodel, the cost can go up to $60,000. You might probably be asking yourself; isn’t that too high? Well, considering the recent functionality trends, it might not be right making such a conclusion. Your kitchen deserves the best. However, that doesn’t mean you should lay it all, spending the last penny in your account just to have your kitchen looking gorgeous. A couple of tips can help you handle the kitchen re-design aspect without necessarily spending your all. Have a personal layout Which layout would you prefer for your kitchen? You can keep the costs down by opting for a simple, sleek design. Most buyers would gladly fall for that, so you will not have when selling off your home. If you can avoid altering the existing layout, it is even better. Moving the plumbing system and electrical lines can be involving, both financially and in terms of labor. Even if you have to move other appliances, think of retaining positions of the sink and gas stove in your design. For best results, have your design early enough to aid in planning. Have a detailed cope of work It is advisable to have a clear guideline of the necessary tasks involved in the project, right from the beginning. You do not have to use all the construction jargons. State in simple words everything you would like the remodeling experts to do for you. It can be something like;

  • Put new lighting fixtures
  • Change sink
  • Install new cabinets
  • Remove existing flooring and replace with new ones
Once you start the consultation process, you might find out additional tasks. Add them to this list. It is better to list everything you need to be done instead of relying on what the contractor’s suggestions. You might end up spending unnecessarily. Consider choosing the materials If you need to do major upgrades for the cabinet, countertops and the kitchen island, it is important to be wise in the choice of materials. Feel free to inquire from the experts all the available alternatives. At EA Home Designs, the professionals will enlighten you on the most appropriate materials depending on your budget and design. Thereafter, you can make an independent decision on the designs that best suit you. You can shop around for discount items and take advantage of various offers. Opt for midgrade brand appliances Just like cars, most kitchen appliances costs vary depending on the brand. You do not have to go for all the big names in the market. Instead, focus on quality and functionality. You can always use additional help from the professionals. Lastly, you need to be very careful when choosing your remodeling agency or firm. Before making any commitments, carry out your research. Be bold in requesting the quotes. Most importantly, ask necessary questions and demand the appropriate answers. A great kitchen remodeling project starts with choosing the right crew for the job!

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