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5 Home Design Inspirations that will Move the Needle in 2017

Are you looking for ways of upgrading the look of your home? Well, it is agreeable that every person has his own tastes when it comes to home design. While some trends are perfect for particular homeowners, some home design inspirations cut across people from various backgrounds. You will definitely love them regardless of your tastes. Let’s take a tour of some of them. Vanity conversions Finding the perfect RTA vanity can be quite an issue. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can choose to get creative with what you have. Think of what you can do with the sets of drawers, vintage consoles and old file cabinets. You can convert them into unique vanities. In 2017, most homeowners will not wait for the perfect vanity design. They will create it instead. White and off-white balance A white-on-white bedroom is inviting. You will definitely feel refreshed any time you step in. However, too much white makes the room look clinical. Balancing the white hue and off-white shades such as cream create the perfect environment. It achieves what one would easily describe as a cozy and inviting feeling. Simply the all-white trademark and blend it with other bold colors such as grey. Laundry room splurge When it comes to home remodeling, many homeowners tend to spend the better part of budget doing the kitchen or the bathroom. However, recent renovation trends have witnessed something different. People are being keen on other spaces within the house. Apparently, the laundry rooms seem to be benefiting from this renewed attention. Different design inspirations are making it possible to achieve a brighter laundry room with sufficient storage and enhanced functionality. If you spend decent amounts of time doing laundry, why shouldn’t you splurge on it? For someone with a medium size laundry room, you can expect to spend an average of $2500 turning this space into a luxurious home feature. Do not shy away from investing in unique tile designs and accented walls. Counter-depth fridges For those with a small kitchen, it is true that remodeling can be quite a challenge. To save on space and ensure adequate storage, you can choose to splurge on deep refrigerators. Match this trend with fitting countertops and carefully designed cabinets. This enables you to achieve a streamlined appeal while saving enough space for other appliances. Welcome back brass In the recent years, brass finishes have been finding their way back. If you want that glossy feel without necessarily spending a fortune, brass provides a viable option. In recent trends, many homeowners have tried to do it differently by opting for brushed or satin brass as opposed to highly polished shiny brass. This transitional style comes with the added advantage of being able to compliment a variety of styles. It is nearly perfect with every shade. If you are planning to change the look of your home in 2017, innovative design inspirations should be the least of your worries. With so much to explore, you can simply sit back and have EA Home design experts handle the rest.

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