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4 Simple Ways to Save Money on your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation can be a grueling and costly task. For someone stepping into it without a firm background on saving money, you can end up breaking the bank. For the wise lot, however, you can achieve your dream and remain with undented financial stores. The trick is in identifying what works. For several years, EA Home Design experts have been on top of kitchen renovations. As such, we can confidently provide you with budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas in Virginia that actually work. Keep the budget in sync with home value If you are to spend manageable amounts on a kitchen renovation, ensure the ultimate amount is at most 15% of your home’s value. Thereafter, you can budget depending on the various fixtures that require an upgrade. Capping your renovation budget in accordance with the value of your home ensures you get value for your money even when you are selling the house. Otherwise, you might cry foul when selling your home, ultimately. Embrace open floor plan Most people renovating their kitchen have shared the problem of under spacing. Probably, your kitchen is too small to accommodate your current needs. Sometimes, all you need to handle this bringing down a wall. The wall between the kitchen and the dining might be making the cooking space appear smaller. Hopefully, the wall won’t be containing several plumbing or wiring lines because interfering with such system might mean spending just a little more than expected. Stick to what works Revamping the look of your old kitchen doesn’t have to involve total replacement. It is possible to slash a huge portion of money off your budget by limiting replacements. For a start, you can choose to have all the kitchen windows intact. Simply apply a fresh coat of paint. Similarly, you do not have to bring in new cabinetry when the existing one just needs simple repainting job. If there is a need, you can only change the doors and leave the other parts intact. In a similar way, you need to keep the plumbing fixture in place. Interfering with them can cost you additional $2000 or more, the money you can spend on other sectors. Get smatter with appliances Kitchen remodeling isn’t just about the countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. There is need to update essential appliances like coffee maker and refrigerator. What should drive your choices when making such considerations? Definitely, you will need energy-efficient appliances. If you are going to purchase any electronic, you need to look at the energy rating. Upgraded fixtures such as automatic faucets and lighting can also save you bills. The initial investment might appear bulky, but you will definitely appreciate the benefits several years down the line. How much are you willing to spend on remodeling your kitchen this year? Maybe, you probably have a budget in mind. It doesn’t have to be so hefty. Depending on the remodeling ideas you chose to embrace, you can save considerable cash and still have your dream kitchen!

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