4 Basement Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

For far too long, homeowners have treated basements as idle spaces with minimal usage. Over the past few years, however, there has been steady interest in basement renovation. Many people actually realize that these expansive spaces can be put to good use. As homeowners seek to expand space for their growing families, basement renovation trends are definitely going to be big. If you are ready to turn yours into a more functional space later in the years, you have a variety of trending design to choose from. Let us walk through some of them.

Open layout multipurpose basement

In the last few years, the open layout has proven big. Initially, rooms were closed off from one another. Today, the open concept design has opened up the walls to an expansive, free space. In most cases, the basement is an expansive area. You can take advantage of this fact to have an updated open layout basement. This design is perfect for a multi-purpose basement space. You can have various multi-purpose spaces within the basement, all opening up to one another. From the game room to the kitchenette and even the bar area, you can have an extensive basement booming with several activity spaces.

Home Extension Basement

Many homeowners consider basements as separate parts of the main houses. That explains why many people find it easy going bold when it comes to basement designs and styles. You can make an exception with your basement space and make it an integral part of your home. As someone steps down from the main house, you can continue downwards with the same finishing as that of the main house. In this case, there isn’t any need to change the flooring, color patterns and any other feature exhibited by the main house. With this design, you can easily make the basement into a normal functional space like the home library or additional bedroom.

Enclosed media room

Another basement remodeling design that is fast gaining popularity is that of enclosed theatre rooms. Many homeowners opt for this when they want a completely different feeling every moment they step inside their basements. This design comes with a surround sound, enclosed walls and in most cases, large projection screens. Many homeowners dream of having a traditional theatre room, fully equipped with media appliances. Such spaces can also have kitchenette integrations. You ca make this a present-hour reality by simply turning that idle basement into something everyone will want to have.

Walkout basements

Unlike other basement designs, this type of basement does not feature fully submerged walls. It is the perfect basement design for homes established at the hillsides. For such a basement, you can easily access it from the outside. Yet again, this basement design benefits from more natural lighting. If you want to remodel your basement to reflect this design, it will be necessary exposing one side, making it possible to build windows and a door facing outside. With the services of skilled professionals like EA Home Design experts, you can be sure to achieve such a basement design.


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