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Ali Meshksar


How To Avoid Mistakes When Designing Your Kitchen

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen You’ve been dreaming about swapping those ill-fitting kitchen cabinets for a sleek cooking space for years. The time has come to take the plunge, but before you get too carried away and commit yourself to months of takeaway meals, it’s essential to get a few things right. You should find out how to avoid those common design mistakes and create your ideal kitchen. Mistake 1: not considering the space and its size We often find that when people first come into our showroom, they are primarily focused on aesthetics, but it’s important to consider how you and your family will use the space when planning a kitchen. Do you want the kitchen to play a purely practical role, or will it be a place to socialise? Secondly, you must look at the size – do you have enough room for an open plan design or do you need to consider a more compact formation? Mistake 2: taking neutral too far The current trend for neutral colours is still going strong, but be careful to avoid using too many pale shades in a kitchen with a lot of windows because the room can appear colourless in bright light. Brighter colours will always work well in a room that lets in lots of light. If you’re reluctant to go too bold use subtle injections of colour to add visual interest. Using a variety of materials will also add depth and can be used as a technique to highlight different colourways. Mistake 3: not asking yourself “is it just a kitchen?” Open plan kitchens are more popular than ever, but it’s crucial that you decide on the functionality of the room before you start. Is it primarily a kitchen space you require, or are you looking to create a multifunctional room that incorporates seating, dining or an area to work? “Furniture solutions that tie together kitchen and living-space areas work well and can even feature multimedia storage cupboards that match kitchen furniture or bench seating to create a synchronised look.” Mistake 4: not being clear on your budget People often don’t have a clear vision about their budget so make sure you do your research to get a feel for the typical cost of refurbishing a kitchen. Make your available budget clear to your chosen designer from the outset and be aware that worktops, appliances and accessories vary significantly in price. Mistake 5: scrimping on quality Lastly, don’t scrimp on quality and good advice. A kitchen is a significant investment, so it’s not worth making compromises. A handmade kitchen is much more durable than a mass-produced product and will offer longevity over the years.

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