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How to create a huge kitchen-diner – plan the best entertaining area

How to create a huge kitchen-diner – plan the best entertaining area

Turning a kitchen and dining area into one open-plan space? Remodeling professionals from  EA home design offers a recommendation

Are you about to knock down the wall between your room and dining area to make one huge kitchen-diner? Here are some things to think about before you choose up that sledgehammer.


1. Support the new opening


Depending on whether the wall you would like to knock down is load-bearing, you will get to support the new opening by inserting a rolled steel joist. If this can be the case, consult a structural engineer for the recommendation, though the price can rely upon the scale of opening.

2. Install the correct room lighting

Plan your lighting before you begin any work on your new kitchen-diner, so you get the wiring within the right place before it’s too late. The secret’s for it to be versatile for your desires. dimmer switches are nice as they’re not overpriced to install.


3. create your kitchen-diner work for you

Don’t get too hung up concerning room work triangles, simply consider however you’ll use the area and what’s best for your lifestyle. keep in mind to admit the look as entire, coordinating colors and textures across the area for a coherent look.

4. Prevent annoying reverberant in a kitchen-diner

It’s simple to underestimate the acoustic issues you’ll have in an exceedingly huge area – particularly one with a hard floor. As shortly as you’ve got over two individuals in there, you regularly can’t hear yourself speak as a result of the reverberant. Wood, rubber or vinyl flooring can do a far better job of absorbing the sound than tiles. Hanging curtains at windows and having carpet or rugs within the area also will soften the acoustics.

5. Get out to the garden

Think about having French windows, as it’s pretty to be ready to step straight out into the garden from the kitchen-diner. It’s usually potential to enlarge an existing window, however, get a professional recommendation first.EA home design is going to help you with all Your beginnings! Good luck!


Transitional kitchen designs will facilitate bring your distinctive concepts to life in a chic manner. This style permits you to mix traditional and modern appearance without the worry of making an unsavory contrast. Instead, the styles, colors, and textures come together to inspire earth-colored beauty and uplift your style. Do you ever want that you simply could design a kitchen that incorporated some of your favorite parts, instead of attempting to fit your kitchen into a predetermined style? Are you transforming your kitchen, and you can’t decide between a masculine or a feminine touch? do you need one thing both practical and creative?  Then these transformation kitchen designs are excellent for you!

There is no doubt however a well-designed kitchen can be impactful in comparison to the rest of the house. Our consultants wish to offer you the most effective info potential to know the advantages and characteristics of transitional room styles.

Finding Inspiration

If you’re stuck in a rut when trying to choose what style direction to go with for your new room, this image-based guide could also be ready to nudge you in the right direction. You’ve come to the proper place if you’re trying to find inspiration concerning the way to pull off a productive transitional kitchen design. Follow our simple guide to find out additional regarding the typical components of a transitional room, further as some inventive transitional kitchen ideas to provide your kitchen a practical edge.

While transitional kitchens are meant to spark creativeness, keep in mind that not all components will blend well together. transforming a kitchen in a very transitional style will be fun, particularly considering that no 2 transitional kitchen styles look alike. However, a number of the fundamental elements that make up a transformation kitchen should be followed to offer you the simplest confidence to pull it off. read on to learn about the variability of the way that you simply can produce a new kitchen masterpiece – and don’t worry, you won’t have to be compelled to break the bank to achieve the perfect look!


Do you ever wish that you may design a kitchen that incorporated some of your favorite parts, instead of trying to suit your kitchen into a predetermined style? Are you transforming your kitchen, and you can’t decide between a masculine or a female touch? does one want something both practical and creative?  Then these transitional kitchen designs are excellent for you!

Transitional room styles

A transformation room incorporates some components of contemporary kitchens and a few elements of traditional kitchens. it’s not one or the opposite, but rather a mix of the many things.

Another necessary thing to understand is that the whole room doesn’t have to be compelled to be transitional; instead, you’ll be able to compromise with transformation cupboards whereas giving the remainder of the room an up to date feel. That way, you won’t have to be compelled to desire you’re risking your budget on a transforming project that may fail.

By learning about the fundamental makeup of transitional kitchen styles, you’ll be able to get a more robust plan of what styles and design components can work well together. There’s plenty of space to be inventive, so you don’t have to decide between practical and stylish!

The Elements of transitional kitchen styles

Many components will usually comprise a transitional kitchen style. while you don’t have to embrace all of those components, and while you’ll choose to incorporate designs that aren’t stated on this list, it’s important to remember that these are the fundamental concepts that generally provide the framework for a sophisticated and exquisite transitional kitchen. Follow the pictures below for visual inspiration on the transitional kitchen trend.

Elements of transitional kitchens include:

Geometric, clean, and sensible lines in countertops, cabinetry, crown molding, and alternative crafted components.

Industrial lighting throughout.

Traditional lighting on the ceiling or top of the countertops.

Simple carpentry designs, like a Shaker style or a cupboard with a stained or painted finish.

A blend of natural and man-made materials, usually in earth tones.

Neutral and natural colors, reflective a bold yet friendly palette.

Very little decoration on the walls or moldings themselves.

The beauty of transitional room cupboards is that they don’t need to create a large visual impact. Instead, you must aim for your cupboards to mix in with the rest of the scenery, resembling a natural, earthy structure. That way, alternative components of the kitchen, like the stone countertops or smooth black tiles, will be the star of the show, creating a mix of class and classic appeal.





Transitional-Style Kitchen Ideas


The super-popular collection called the transitional style for kitchens. I’m in love with this style. It’s become very popular on each continent. Get inspired here.


Scroll down below to check out our collection of transitional kitchen ideas.

The wonderful gray tiles of the backsplash are arranged in a brick wall pattern. This makes it stand out against the white shaker cabinets and drawers of the peninsula as well as the floating cabinets. This white and gray tone is balanced by the ceramic flooring. An updated simple white kitchen made this part of this house in Ashburn much more spacious and cheerful. 

Transitional kitchen designs can help bring your unique ideas to life in an elegant way. This style allows you to blend traditional and contemporary looks without the fear of creating an unsavory contrast.

A transitional kitchen incorporates some parts of contemporary kitchens and a few elements of traditional kitchens. it’s not one or the opposite, however rather a blend of the many things.

And also a very important thing to know is that the entire kitchen does not have to be transitional; instead, you can compromise it with transitional cabinets and giving the rest of the kitchen a contemporary feel. That way, you won’t have to feel like you are risking your budget on a remodeling project that might fail.


The beauty of transitional kitchen cabinets is that they don’t need to make a large visual impact. Instead, you should aim for your cabinets to blend in with the rest of the scenery, resembling a natural, earthy structure. That way, other elements of the kitchen, such as the stone countertops or smooth black tiles, will be the star of the show, creating a blend of elegance and classic appeal.

The Best Style Secrets for Productive Open-Plan Living

How to master open-plan style

Airy, spacious and versatile, open-plan living may be a fashionable design alternative for the trendy home, however, a winning theme requires careful planning. We’ve rounded up the best-kept design secrets to help you transform a large empty room into a warm and welcoming sociable hub for the full family. you would possibly wish to take notes…

Celebrate structural features

If your open-plan space has characterful options like exposed beams or support columns, don’t attempt to disguise them. Instead, let these architectural quirks enhance your theme for a unique interior. during this barn conversion, characterful woodwork and an original brick hearth frame a charming country-style living space.

Conceal your kitchen

For a sleek open-plan area, build the kitchen space as unobtrusive as possible with clever style and coherent finishes. Here, the kitchen units run along the back wall and are raised off the floor. The unit fronts are simple, modern and handleless, and they slot in with the scheme’s brown tonal palette. once not in use, this room has the air of a wise sideboard at the edge of the dining area.

Add a double-sided fireplace

Try to provide every distinct space of your room with its focal point. in the room, it might be the island unit or the range cookware. within the dining area, it would be a dramatic pendant lightweight. within the living space, a fireplace is ideal. Here, a fireplace has been designed into a little partition wall between the dining and room. And, if you thought you required a chimney for a fireplace, assume again: the latest bio-ethanol fires don’t need a flue and may be placed anyplace.

Make little spaces simple

To make a compact open-plan space feel as massive as potential, keep the walls a white or neutral shade and experiment with floor-to-ceiling mirrors which can produce the illusion of extra space. For terribly little spaces stick with a similar flooring – a mixture of colors and patterns can hack a petite area into small sections, emphasizing the room’s comfortable dimensions.

Divide with shelving

To give a large space instant form and structure, use detached furnishings to differentiate the various areas. an easy shelving unit placed between the lounge and dining area is an easy thanks to zone a large multiuse space, and it’ll offer you sensible further storage.

Wave goodbye to walls

Low ceilings and exposed brick walls would have once created this bungalow feel incommodious and confined, however, currently, they’re characterful options in an airy open-plan area. knock out walls in older buildings will offer once-poky rooms a new lease of life. A designer can have a lot of concepts concerning potential layouts, thus get professional recommendations before you begin.

Make room for all

When designing your open-plan area, consider making a theme that complements your fashion. This plain rectangular space has been reworked into an inviting hub that’s excellent for family life. two sofas are socially positioned in an L-shape, whereas wall-hung storage can keep a busy area organized from day-to-day.


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