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Christmas table decoration ideas that will set the scene for your festive feast

Christmas table decoration ideas that will set the scene for your festive feast

Looking for Christmas table decoration ideas? Put food, friends and family at the heart of festivities with these gorgeous Christmas table decoration ideas, Christmas table decorations centrepieces and homemade Christmas table decorations to suit every style.

With so much of the festive season centred around food and drink, it’s no wonder Christmas dinner is a highlight for most of us and a big part of the celebrations. So make sure to use this opportunity to show off your styling skills and create a magical tabletop to really impress your guests.

  1. Look to the north for decor inspiration

Use cool wintery colours and icy glassware for a relaxed Scandi-style Christmas table. Stack white and smoky grey plates topped with gorgeous glass bell jars filled with treats or rustic star-shaped decorations, alternating the two colours around the table. For informal dining and a pared-back look, eschew a tablecloth in favour of a rustic linen table runner and matching napkins in a textured taupe. Finish the scheme with frosted glasses wreathed in eucalyptus, foraged berries and woodland finds.

  1. Keep it country

Mix traditionally festive colours of red and green with cute country-style touches for a warm Christmas look. Start by dressing the table in tartan and plain tablecloths for colour and texture. Add natural rush placemats, wood-handled cutlery and a mix of pretty candle holders for a natural theme and stack patterned plates with a contrasting colour to add interest. Finally, create a name holder from threading nuts, herbs and berries into a garland and dress a cracker in an embroidered linen napkin.

  1. Pick a traditional colour palette

Give your dining room Nordic charm with crisp stripes and checks in red and white. Add snow-white highlights with ceramics and candles. Bring it all together with the gleam of glass and silver, and scarlet-berried greenery. Use striped ribbon to tie decorations to guests’ chairs and dress the table with a red and white striped cloth. Top sparkling silver placemats with gingham check napkins and go for white tableware with green and red decoration and cranberry-coloured glassware. Make it all shimmer and shine with plenty of candlelight.

  1. Go for glamour

Mix rose gold metallics and soft velvet in midnight jewel tones for an effortless yet luxe Christmas table setting. Inky indigo tableware contrasts perfectly with warm copper. Choose a cutlery set with a streamlined minimal design to really show of the beauty of the burnished metal and match to a hammered-effect copper coaster and button details on the table runner.

  1. Get creative with cookies

Create a charming Christmas table centrepiece with a playful biscuit tree. Here, elaborately iced festive treats are strung with ribbon and hung from the branches of a vintage metal stand – a mug tree or jewellery stand will serve just as well. Wreath the base in fresh foliage and add a touch of sparkle with gold accents on a champagne glass and a nut dish. It’s a lovely way to decorate your table between sit-down dinners.

  1. Set the scene with a white tablecloth and foliage

For any Christmas table, a smart white backdrop will give the room a real sense of occasion and sophistication. Ensuring your staple table elements are pristine gives you a perfect base to build upon. A neutral base also ensures that key dining elements, such as cutlery place settings and serveware are highlighted within the scheme. Flowers, foliage and candles in complementary colours will help to create an eye-catching centrepiece, and really bring a sense of the season indoors, without being obtrusive. Faux options can be just as stunning as fresh foliage and also allow you to enjoy the decorations for longer. Try pairing the soft green tones of faux eucalyptus intertwined with dark berries, thistles and subtle fairy lights.

  1. Warm your cockles

Celebrate the completion of a bracing winter walk with a hot drinks table set up outside. A batch of hot toddy adds a deep ruby glow to the table, labelled with the tempting ‘Alice in Wonderland’ invitation. Keep some extra boiling water in a cheering thermos for top-ups and pile up the fruit and nuts for a quick pick-me-up before supper. Decorate the table with fresh fruit, foliage and feathers for a hint of rustic country charm.

  1. Embrace Victoriana

Go all out and create a dessert side table laden with sweet treats and spicy mulled wine in homage to the great Victorian Christmas tradition. To set the scene in a neutral dining room, create a festive focal point with a homemade garland of pecan nuts and an oversized bauble. Add a miniature tree, decorated in the same nut brown colours to one end of the table and choose vintage inspired tableware to complete the look.

  1. Give a nod to Narnia

Be inspired by the majesty of a winter snowscape with a white and silver Christmas table scheme. Create Narnia-inspired centrepieces with glass hurricane lanterns, miniature fir trees and heaps of fake snow. Play with scale by filling different sizes and create a tangle of silver winterberries down the centre of the table. Finish the look with frosted glass and grey candlesticks dotted around.

  1. Go dark and dramatic

Make the most of a dark stone tabletop to create a striking monochrome scheme with blush accents. Mix black and white patterned plates with marble serving platters and a soft grey charger plate to add to the contrasting tones. Choose modern amber glassware in a simple design, shell pink napkins and copper touches for a luxurious twinkle. A small wrapped gift makes a thoughtful name setting and finishes the look.

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Budget Christmas decorating ideas

All the decorating loopholes for your Christmas budgeting desires
If you’re trying to find budget Christmas decorating concepts, then you’ve come back to the correct place.
You may have simply affected into a replacement pad and not nevertheless got your decorations, you will trouble disbursal such a lot on gala accessories otherwise you could be plain stone-broke – for all of the higher than, we’ve got the budget answer.
Decorating your home for Christmas shouldn’t break the bank. Follow our purse-friendly styles this year for simple updates that are on a budget (but look far from it!).
1. create a twig tree
These can bring a contemporary woody touch to a facet table. Take 2 long, sturdy twigs and be a part of with a hot glue gun. Twist with wreath wire to support. Now, cut and lay out the crosswise twigs. beginning at the highest, cut two short twigs of equal length and lay facet by facet. Repeat and cut two more, slightly longer, a finger is a below the primary two. Continue, with the twigs step by step obtaining longer, till you’ve got two triangular shapes, however, leave enough trunk to push into a pot. Fix the cut twigs on to the trunk, performing on one facet first with a hot glue gun, according to the first layout. Cool, flip over and repeat. Push oasis into a pot, then push within the cooled tree. prime pot with bryophyte and berries, and beautify the twigs with twine or wreath wire.
2. vogue with red and white
With simply some key accessories in scarlet red, snow white and natural materials you’ll be able to accomplish a seasonal Scandi look while not breaking the bank. Browse insect markets and automotive boot fairs for recent type-setting blocks thus you’ll be able to spell out a merry acknowledgement. get red and white woolly jumpers or blankets from native charity outlets and upcycle them into merry cushions or home-made Christmas stockings.
3. Keep it sweet
For some edible inspiration look no any than our candy decorations. See the candy stick such as you ne’er have before – spun into merry writing, stuck onto Christmas wrapping and tied to wreaths – who knew the candy cane was so versatile? cost accounting next to zilch for large packs grind to a halt into those sticky goodies.
4. choose a theme
An icy woodland-inspired theme is wizardly and can last year once a year. What’s a lot of, with a natural look you’ll be able to dress your home with ‘free’ foliage from your own garden and use cheap materials for rustic charm. Dress the shelf with a homemade garland, exploitation pinecones, greenery, crackers and berries from outdoors. purchase cheap paper stars to hold from the ceiling, or perhaps create your own from sheets of newspaper.
5. know yourself
Go back to basics with a fun very little garland made of string and old school bags tags – you’ll be able to suspend it across the shelf, on some shelving or at the tip of the bed so Santa can understand wherever to prevent. employing a new tag for every letter, write out a family member’s name, a Christmas message or a personalized acknowledgement, then string the tags on a length of twine with mini pine cones in between to separate everyone.
6. change your theme
If you favour an unpretentious theme, accomplish easy style by supplementing what you have already got to make a merry atmosphere that’s easy and earnest. provides a neutral front room with a Nordic twist with picket decorations in red, white and heat wood. Swap the bauble-laden Christmas fir for a small-scale twig tree arrange with fairy lights and picket shapes. adorn the mantelpiece with a pared-back garland and lights with a cardboard wreath suspended higher than.
7. Get inventive by upcycling
Upcycle simple tin cans and switch them into twinkling lanterns. to form your own, begin by peeling the labels off your cans and running them through the dishwasher for a shiny end. Next, fill them with water and pop them within the deep-freeze. Once frozen, draw a heart or star on paper and tape the sketch onto every tin. With a hammer and a nail, pierce the tin following the pattern (the ice within can stop the tin denting). once thawing the tins, wash out them out and add a handle victimization aluminium wire. Finally, light-weight a nightlight within and line up two or three during a row for a homemade Christmas decoration with lots of natural charm.
8. Work with two colours
Decorate the feeding area with a straightforward red and white Scandi theme. You don’t must pay a fortune on new decorations, simply bring out kitchen utensil you have already got in an exceedingly red, white or natural wood colour theme. adorn shelves with glass jars crammed with red and white treats, like candy canes, sweets and foil-wrapped biscuits. Tie lengths of red ribbon onto metal cookie-cutters and suspend them up as decorations on the branches of a mini tree. Dress feeding chairs in red and white tea towels used as easy cushion covers, and tie pine cone decorations to every chair back with lengths of patterned baker’s twine.
9. counting to Christmas
Simple to create, this beautiful various advent calendar is often used annually. to create your own, get twenty-four plain brown envelopes and stamp or print all with variety, from one to twenty-four. Then, fill every envelope with a sweet treat or an easily written clue to wherever a little gift is hidden. Peg the envelopes onto four short lengths of twine and fix onto your wall. Use red ribbon and striped string for an additional gala touch.
10. Go forage
Sometimes, simplicity is vital and this easy show is as simple because it is charming. Take your favourite candles, add a handful of pinecones and one or two selection baubles, or ornaments to suit in together with your colour scheme. Place on a mantlepiece in your front room or a console in your hall for relaxed and stylish gala vogue.
11. choose your own
Trees, wreaths, garlands, sprayed twigs – nature is cool at Christmas, and it’s free. Get your wellington boots on and acquire forage for holly, pine cones and twigs before obtaining home and twisting and turning them into botanic masterpieces. there’s no reason why you can’t do Christmas on a budget!
12. provide a treat
Christmas is that the only time of year that it’s acceptable to eat your decorations (well, Easter too, however, let’s not get before ourselves) therefore create the foremost of it. cake homes on tabletops, candy canes on trees and iced biscuits as place settings are all low cost and simple decorations – how much are you able to eat this Christmas?
13. create it miniature
Natural fir can bring the scent of Christmas into your home. If you don’t have enough area for a full-sized tree in your lounge, why not show little clippings instead. Pot them up in galvanized metal containers for modern, unostentatious vogue, or wrap them in sisal for a country, country look. the sweetness of those decorations is that they’re going to last for the complete gala amount – simply prime up with a bit water. beautify your miniature tree with cinnamon and pine cones for an authentic look.
14. Get the full family concerned in budget Christmas decorating
When the large day arrives, whip out your camera and make a photograph show for your guests to get pleasure from. Encourage friends and family to snap away on their smartphones throughout the festivities, then print the images out instantly on a compact, transportable printer. as an alternative, use a Polaroid camera for an excellent additional instant result. Pin the photos to lengths of ribbon with mini wood pegs for an ever-growing gallery that tells the story of the day.

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Country Christmas decorating ideas that you’ll love for years to come back

Take a peek within these exalting country rooms, fantastically embellished for the merry season…

Looking for country Christmas decorating ideas? Let the magic of Christmas into each corner of your house and heart. Gather the season’s deep winter colour palette of pine inexperienced, holly red and charcoal and beautify rooms with fashionable traditions. Let classic country tartans meet bohemian florals, combine button-back furnishings with the newest folky cushions and suspend natural decorations, garlands and wreaths with wild abundance. Then open the door and shout ‘Welcome’ for all to hear…

Flaunt seasonal foliage

Make your table the centre of attention with sensible chairs, painted finishes and a run of ornamental foliage to draw the attention on the table. With a nod to a lot of refined Nordic vogue, this look blends neat furnishings with painted and light-toned woods, wicker and woven textures.

Adorn a dresser

Dress cupboards and dressers with decorative tableware that includes mountain views and foliage, aboard everyday ironed glass and candlesticks. Bronze and copper, paired with spruce and pine shades, add the ultimate bit for a rural Christmas.

Vogue a hotel look

Get a comfortable hotel look with a conventional feel. Have a highland fling with deep reds, forest motifs and many of textile. Red velvet upholstery, touches of textile and a roaring fireplace produce the sensation of a Balmoral Christmas. sit down with some Scotch and a plate of mince pies. Layer sofas and armchairs with seasonal cushions depiction forest friend’s likes owls and stags. Don’t forget a soft throw for curling au courant a snowy day. economize on wood panel and cheat the design employing a wallpaper instead.

 Share an easy feast

The new thanks to lay the table is with a relaxed and informal spirit. strive fashionable tartans with simple red candles and bubble glasswork. The wow factor comes from a true foliage lighting fixture garland decorated from highland ribbons.

Get up to Christmas

Open your presents in an exceedingly snug-as-a-bug bed. impressed by our love of house vogue celebrations, we’re keeping it cosy this gala season. combine winter weaves in favourite tartans, plaids and stripes in a very seasonal palette of berry reds, cool sky greys and deepest indigo blues. create it even a lot of invitatory with soft brushed-cotton bedlinen, woolly knits and patchwork throw.

Create it merry

Give your theme a true country Christmas feel by decorating with a real tree with woodcut stars and paper shapes. a sensible textile seat is formed cosy with unwoven throws whereas a bohemian carpeting keeps the space toasty for gift gap.

 Fondly beautify a real tree

A generous Nordic pine provides lots of leafage on that to hold folk-inspired country ornaments. Once it’s adorned, gather around for that special ‘light the lights’ moment. Add decorated cushions to complimentary chairs in material and tweed for a comfortable spot to heat up the fireplace.

Choose a rustic-meets-industrial theme

Give your Christmas tree the private bit this merry season with decorations that mean one thing special to you. images, childhood toys and trinkets brought back from holidays all work uncommon ornaments with a sentimental price. For a stylish room, combine and match rustic and fashionable materials, like saved wood and concrete, then scatter your worktops with an eclectic mixture of appliances and accessories from completely different eras.

Work with raw materials

Embrace ski-lodge stylish in your bedchamber with lime-washed boards on your floor and walls. laying the wall and floorboards perpendicular to at least one another adds interest to the theme, whereas mid-century furnishings evoke a classy Scandi atmosphere. A stack of magazines doubles up as a side table an hour reading. Complete the planning with fur throws, wall-mounted horns and fir garlands for an additional gala touch.

Replicate the glow

Give country celebrations a touch rustic razzle with the glowing and shining tones of the season. placed on the meretriciousness in an exceedingly low-keyed manner with comforting blush and spice shades; layering shimmering copper with feel-good unwoven textures. Vintage-style finds and authentic wood furnishings add heritage and support. select pendants, wreaths and decorations in shining rust and copper finishes. Add cheer with to the windows with tie-top curtains in fashionable country stripes. beautify tables with collected cones and lit candles.

Hang stockings higher than the fireplace

Get ready for Santa’s close arrival, with a row of vibrant knitted stockings pegged au courant a length of bumble trim. Co-ordinate the stockings together with your tree decorations, gift wrap and ribbon for a sublime people feel in your lounge. before of the wood burning stove, soft sheepskin and reindeer hide rugs work a warm welcome.

Give a gala welcome

Welcome friends previous and new by decorating the structure with a woodland and rose wreath, pots of cyclamen and gathered holly. A vintage trolley car helps guests with their baggage and piles of presents. stick with a conventional palette of green and red for a classic look that’s absolute to impress any guest.

Get into the spirit

Create a Scandi-inspired show with an announcement wallpaper that includes alpine scenery, mini fir trees and engraved wood homes and wildlife. Ring the changes with an Advent calendar suspended on a beam.

Love those layers

Hang and display winter coats, scarves and baggage in fragment and bark shades higher than a tinny storage unit full of throws. A plain-woven blanket serves a door curtain to beat the chills. Rustic honey-hued baskets and boxes to feature texture and interest.

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Outdoor Christmas decorating concepts to feature merry magic to an exterior

Create a warm welcome by adding some festal magic to the surface of your home

Looking for out of doors Christmas decorating concepts to welcome your guests? offer your out of doors house a festal welcome this Christmas by adorning it with recent foliage, holly, ornamental wreaths and warm, twinkling lights. After all, initial impressions count, therefore offer these out of doors Christmas decorating concepts a go.

  1. Stage a comfy out of doors spot

Style up a favourite bench because the excellent place to greet guests to your home. Add a comfortable stove or warmer and set out mulled drinks to stay the cold cornered. Don’t forget to pin down an ornamental wreath to celebrate the season fashionable.

2.Create a fair entrance with foliage

Armfuls of seasonal foliage during a substantial water-filled instrumentality is accessorial to and fresh over the merry season. A bouquet composed of the identical plants has been decorated at the window and completed with a berry-strewn wreath. for an additional nice touch, follow Scandinavian tradition and lay a branch of fir on the doorsill on that guests will wipe their feet before getting into the house.

Wrap light around a bush

Add a component of fun to your garden theme come back Christmas. powered out of doors fairy lights are simply draped in an around hedging and trees, while lighted creatures, like this snowy bird of Minerva, lend an impulsive feel to the general effect. Christmas is that the party season, therefore what higher way to beautify your garden, area or curtilage with a spattering of twinkling lights.

Style in symmetry

Use evergreen shrubs and a classic door wreath to provide the doorway to your home a festal makeover. A combine of urns and two commonplace shrubs kind asymmetrical frame around the front entrance, creating this property feel extraordinary at Christmas. A construction is that the excellent place for storing walking boots and firewood, adding an additional rustic edge.

Decorate your door

Ring the amendment this season at the exterior door. A frosted pine-cone wreath can build a press release on any door. For an additional touch of festal glamour; add your own detail, like the shimmering silk rose and textile ribbon here. some sprigs of foliage can add slightly of foliage to the present frosty winter theme.

Install a fairly display

Create an outside Christmas scene with borderline effort. Fill a country trug with seasonal offcuts from your garden (or get them from your local florist) and craft a candlestick for a garden table with a braid of delicate Gypsophila.

Add slightly of the latest England style

Combine English vogue with geographic area aptitude on your Christmas construction. Here, the white-washed protective covering is employed to evoke American charm, whereas vintage finds just like the rescued sleigh and zinc planters produce a homesick feel. Red ‘Santa’ tree toppers and candy canes are tongue-in-cheek however the foliage-and-feather wreath mounted on the wood door could be a pure Christmas classic and a true show-stopper.

Spell it out

Deck your home outdoors also as during this Christmas to place guests within the festal spirit before they step through the front entrance. For an additional modern treatment, use powered lights to spell out a seasonal message of your selection. persist with heat yellow lights to stay the theme cosy and classic.

Make an entrance

Give your outside house a festal flavour this season. The adventures might have returned to a close, however, the magic continues outside with a silver wreath, Christmas tree, stag and lashings of faux snow. A frosty palette of icy whites and forest greens has been paired with cosy Nordic accents and a sprinkling of Narnia for a bewitching gala look.


Light up a pathway

create a surprising outside Christmas scene by combining twinkling candles with lovely foliage. build a frosty path additional welcoming with border tealight holders – a row of twinkling candles can lightweight the manner and build a functioning atmosphere for a Christmas party.

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