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Planning a Bathroom Remodel; Tricks and Tips

Planning a Bathroom Remodel; Tricks and Tips

Most homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms because they are tired of the outdated features. According to the National Association of Home Builders, this explains why bathroom renovation has become one of the most common home improvement projects in the recent past. However simply because your bathroom looks weary and outdated doesn’t mean you should wake up and start the renovations. You need to plan and look into the future. By mapping out various considerations, you will be able to pull through a successful project. So how exactly should you go about it?

Why do you want this?

First, it is important that you outline why you need to remodel your bathroom at that particular. For some people, the small size of their current bathroom is a motivating factor. They would love to have a bigger bath space. For others yet, general improvement of the bathroom’s layout is a critical consideration when it comes to remodeling their bath spaces. Again, you might want to modernize the bathroom space by bringing in new features including furniture and other fixtures. Increasing accessibility and functionality have also motivated people to renovate their bathrooms in the past.

Set your budget

The ultimate amount of money you will spend on bathroom renovations largely depends on your considerations. If you are just updating a few fixtures, you won’t need to spend more. When setting your budget, the most important aspect that should prevail is your willingness. How are you willing to spend? Always set your budget within your limits. While doing so, remember to set in provisions for unforeseen expenses. Labor costs might increase along the way, and you do not want to be caught off-guard.

Map out DIY projects

While it is advisable seeking professional services all the way, it is agreeable that homeowners love engaging in DIY projects. If there is something you can carry out perfectly on your own, nothing should hold you back. Tasks such as painting and replacement of cabinet components are easy to handle. If carried out a perfectly, you will stand a chance of saving some substantial cash. Notably, DIY projects can be costly if not handled in the right way. For the best outcome, it is advisable to discuss such plans with your contractor. EA Home Designs experts are always transparent. We will advise you on what you can comfortably handle while recommending professional intervention where necessary.

Hire the best team

After all is planned and figured out, you need a team to carry out the implementation. Sadly, this is most homeowners fail in this particular area. To avoid such misfortunes, it is appropriate that you carry out extensive research on the same. What expertise do they have? Yet again, you will have to consider the level of experience. There is also need to scrutinize the licensing and certification details. The bottom line is; take your time when looking for bathroom renovation experts. Only the best team will actualize your bathroom design ideas.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2017

Undeniably, kitchens are the hearts of today’s homes. Every homeowner would admit that. Your kitchen, therefore, deserves your best. While most people carry out kitchen renovations to improve the value of their homes, even homeowners who aren’t planning to sell their homes have reasons to renovate their kitchens. To bring your kitchen to the 21st century, you need insightful kitchen design ideas.

Multifunctional kitchen furniture

It can as well be said to be one of the most convenient and popular kitchen design trends in 2017. For small apartments and homes, you need space saving furniture right inside your kitchen. Retractable and folding features in kitchen furniture make small kitchen design to be neat and impeccable. The current designs for kitchen backsplashes feature special stands for smartphones and tablets. Feel free to bring high tech vibe right inside your kitchen by investing in furniture with additional storage spaces and outlets.

Glass and metal decorations

Glass surfaces seem to have taken the kitchen renovation world by a huge storm. They are impressive. As opposed to traditional wooden cabinets, the entry of glass ushers in light into kitchen interiors. They provide irresistible designs to the eye. If you want to create an airy feel right inside your kitchen, it would be wise investing in tempered frosted glass surfaces. Blending this look with metal pendant lamps will bring a touch of freshness and elegance to your home.

Fresh colors for sinks

Just like the cabinets and walls, sinks are shifting from the predominant white into bolder colors. It is no longer stainless steel or white. For a neutral kitchen, nothing adds vitality than a brightly colored sink. You can even decide to make this the focal point of your lovely kitchen by adopting a similar hue for your backsplash. Ideally, the modern kitchen is trending away from the white-on-white style. Homeowners are getting bolder by trying in newer colors.

Commercial Flair

Today’s homeowner is turning his residential space into a commercial affair. Commercial kitchen design focuses more on functionality than looks. If you want to make your kitchen space more useful, adopt this design. Choose different materials for the island topper, backsplash, and kitchen countertops. Different choice of engineered stones would be great. Ideally, kitchen are moving away from the simplistic cooking spaces they used to be, and nothing seems to shout that louder than commercial flair kitchen designs.

Timeless aesthetics

While change is imminent, certain universal trends remain irresistible. It might not be all white across the kitchen, but this bright color is still a darling amongst many homeowners who want to make their kitchens welcoming. Blending in stainless steel appliances and glass backsplash makes the design even more tempting.

Are you renovating your kitchen in the next couple of weeks? Nothing could sound better. With so many designs to choose from, this is a big opportunity. The power to make your kitchen space unique, sophisticated and elegant lie in your hands. You can decide to blend your kitchen with various designs, as you deem appropriate.

How to Renovate your Bathroom and Save Money

Bathroom renovations can cost fortunes. For someone who has upgraded his bathroom in the past, you understand this perfectly. While the entire process of renovating your private bath space can be an expensive venture, it is possible to save on remodeling costs. How exactly can you ensure this?

Background research first

Before embarking on a bathroom remodeling mission, you need to have a good idea of what lies ahead. Your first stop should be online shops. What renovation materials are on offer? You can find great flooring at significant discounts. Yet again, you can benefit from substantial discounts on bathtubs and other essential fixtures. You also need to take your time and talk to various bathroom remodeling experts. What offers do they have on the table? You can end up much more than you initially imagined.

Have a plan

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is venturing renovations before having a concise idea of what you plan to achieve. If you are undertaking a huge bathroom renovation project, for instance, you can consider carrying it out in phases. This way, you will be able to make necessary adjustments easily without affecting the entire project in a big way. You do not want to get the project halfway only to realize the layout design is not appealing. Such mistakes can cost you financially. Ideally, learn to work out the exact thing you desire before reaching for the hammer.

Design a budget and stick to it

It is no secret that many homeowners in Virginia have found themselves spending more than they anticipated renovating their bathrooms. Ideally, this project has a reputation for surprise costs. Just be sure you are not caught up in the mix. If you are considering a standard bathroom renovation, $18000 to $25000 is a realistic budget. However, you must realize that simply setting a budget is not the issue. You must have a realistic budget and stick to it. You will avoid unnecessary overspending, saving a good amount of money in the process.

Save on plumbing costs

When carrying out a bathroom renovation, there might be that temptation of rearranging various features including the layout. This calls for additional spending since components like the plumbing will be largely affected. If possible, restrict from moving plumbing pipes, showers, and sinks. Simply leaving such fixtures constant can see you save thousands of dollars.

Cautiously tread on DIY renovation

Most homeowners embrace DIY projects because they are considered less costly. While it might be true that DIY projects are less costly, you must be careful on the kind of jobs you take. Before setting off for a particular task, you need to be certain of accomplishing it. If you are uncertain of pulling off a particular project, it is in your best interest to seek the intervention of professional. EA Home Design experts specialize in bathroom renovations. You can always count on the team to get the job carried out perfectly. You will avoid costly mistakes and end up saving huge money in the process!

Read This Before Finishing your Basement

You will agree with me that finished basement is a valuable addition to any home. In order to make the most out of this space, you need insight on basement remodeling ideas. How best can you make your basement and classic? What aspects do you need to have in mind before embarking on such a mission?

Keep it dry

Basements are prone to moisture issues. At the beginning, you must plan on how you will cope with the process. You need to be on the lookout for obvious signs like pools of water. Yet again, you should be able to confirm from outside that indeed the ground has been graded from the foundation. Dealing with cracks is also one way of keeping your basement dry, prior to renovations.

Consider vapor barriers

Even after handling moisture, there still lies the possibility of your basement being a damp place. To take care of such possibilities, you need to invest in vapor barriers. Before finishing off the surfaces, there will need to add vapor barriers, both on the floor and on walls. A vapor barrier also allows you to adjust your renovation insights. It is advisable that you lay down vapor barriers for two days. You can then check to verify the amount of vapor is coming. Only proceed with the renovation plans if you are comfortable with the amount coming through.

In cases where there are moisture issues even after using vapor barriers, creating an offset from outside can be very helpful. You can achieve this the easier way by adding furring strips.

Focus on adequate insulation

Proper insulation is necessary when it comes to controlling temperatures within the basement. Regardless of what you plan to turn your basement into, you will need regulated temperatures within your basement. Doing so also adds an essential layer of moisture control. In the process, you will also be able to take care of dampening sound that might arise from outside. Your choice of insulation material should be a nice one. Be wise to choose an insulation material that has vapor barriers on either side. By locking out the cold and keeping the inside warm, you will be able to curve out anything from your basement space.

Think of drop ceilings

You need a drop or suspended ceiling for easier access to the plumbing lines. Right now, you might probably be thinking; isn’t their presence going to make my home look like an office space? Well, it does not have to be so. You can choose from a wide variety of drop ceilings available. These ceilings are also great in reducing unnecessary overhead space.

Ideally, you can turn your basement space into anything you want. With the assistance of EA Home Design professionals, you ca actualize your dream of making your basement an essential component of your home. Just be sure to have a plan. Most importantly, do not neglect the basics when preparing the basement space for renovations. Do you need additional basement remodeling ideas? Feel free to get in touch with our experts!

5 Proven Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel

Most homeowners will openly agree that remodeling a bath can be a costly venture. From replacing a tired vanity to redoing the bathroom flooring, one might end up spending more than the initial budget. However, no one wants to spend more than he is willing to. Every move to save money is therefore highly welcome. So how do you ensure an affordable bathroom renovation project?

Plan ahead

Working with professional designers or architects might seem like an expensive venture for someone renovating his lovely bathroom. However, it is only after the project that many people realize it is money well spent. With a worked-out plan, courtesy of professionals, you will end up with a realistic design. In the process, you will save yourself the pang of unnecessary surprises that can make bathroom renovation quite an expensive process.

Maintain the plumbing system

Embracing the existing water and sewage pipes will save you several bucks. If you can avoid changing the plumbing system while redoing your bathroom, please do. Ideally, you do not need to relocate utilities such as the toilet and the sink. Simply replace them while still maintaining the same plumbing fixtures. This is another reason why you need professional designers. They will advise you to keep the plumbing system where it is.

Rethink tossing money down the toilet

When renovating your bathroom, one of those obvious things that cross your mind is toilet replacement. Is it necessary? The truth is; bathroom renovation in Virginia does not have to involve replacement of the entire toilet set. You can simply go for the idea of replacing the lid and toilet seat instead of doing away with the entire porcelain perch. By simply replacing these components, you can give your toilet a redefined appeal. Along the way, you will also be keeping the money you might have used on plumber installation charges.

Consider open shelving

Well, the bathroom is a private space. However, any attempt to make the room feel more spacious is highly welcome. Instead of opting for closed cabinets, settle on open shelving. You can have a few drawers for your private items then have the rest of the properties displayed in open shelves. Why should you hide your colorful towels and antique washes?

Patch it up with paint

Sometimes, all you need to give your bathroom a new look is to bring in new hues. Repainting the bathroom walls is an affordable way of remodeling your bathroom without spending money on expensive decors. Just be sure to blend the colors perfectly. While you might want to handle the repainting on your own, it always pays to involves seasoned professionals.

Are you renovating your bathroom in the next couple of days? It does not have to cost you a fortune regardless of the bathroom renovation ideas you pursue. You can keep the budget low while still maintaining a sleek look and glamorous feel. By taking into consideration a couple of tips, you can save money and still have your bathroom looking gorgeous!

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovation can be a grueling and costly task. For someone stepping into it without a firm background on saving money, you can end up breaking the bank. For the wise lot, however, you can achieve your dream and remain with undented financial stores. The trick is in identifying what works. For several years, EA Home Design experts have been on top of kitchen renovations. As such, we can confidently provide you with budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas in Virginia that actually work.

Keep the budget in sync with home value

If you are to spend manageable amounts on a kitchen renovation, ensure the ultimate amount is at most 15% of your home’s value. Thereafter, you can budget depending on the various fixtures that require an upgrade. Capping your renovation budget in accordance with the value of your home ensures you get value for your money even when you are selling the house. Otherwise, you might cry foul when selling your home, ultimately.

Embrace open floor plan

Most people renovating their kitchen have shared the problem of under spacing. Probably, your kitchen is too small to accommodate your current needs. Sometimes, all you need to handle this bringing down a wall. The wall between the kitchen and the dining might be making the cooking space appear smaller. Hopefully, the wall won’t be containing several plumbing or wiring lines because interfering with such system might mean spending just a little more than expected.

Stick to what works

Revamping the look of your old kitchen doesn’t have to involve total replacement. It is possible to slash a huge portion of money off your budget by limiting replacements. For a start, you can choose to have all the kitchen windows intact. Simply apply a fresh coat of paint. Similarly, you do not have to bring in new cabinetry when the existing one just needs simple repainting job. If there is a need, you can only change the doors and leave the other parts intact. In a similar way, you need to keep the plumbing fixture in place. Interfering with them can cost you additional $2000 or more, the money you can spend on other sectors.

Get smatter with appliances

Kitchen remodeling isn’t just about the countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. There is need to update essential appliances like coffee maker and refrigerator. What should drive your choices when making such considerations? Definitely, you will need energy-efficient appliances. If you are going to purchase any electronic, you need to look at the energy rating. Upgraded fixtures such as automatic faucets and lighting can also save you bills. The initial investment might appear bulky, but you will definitely appreciate the benefits several years down the line.

How much are you willing to spend on remodeling your kitchen this year? Maybe, you probably have a budget in mind. It doesn’t have to be so hefty. Depending on the remodeling ideas you chose to embrace, you can save considerable cash and still have your dream kitchen!

Budgeting Kitchen Renovation; the Essential Components

How much will renovating my kitchen cost me? Nearly all homeowners find themselves asking this question when it is time to remodel their kitchens. While it might sound like a grueling one, it is agreeable that anyone who wants to pull off a successful renovation project must find answers to this question. Sitting down and coming up with a realistic budget is the best way of approaching this thing. In most cases, the cost of revamping your kitchen depends on the materials used and the fixtures involved. That makes breaking down individual costs an important aspect of budgeting. So what are the costs of various components?


The materials you are going to settle on and the size of the kitchen will largely determine the amount of money you spend renovating the floor. If you want to reduce the costs in the short term, you can easily opt for vinyl and linoleum material. Tile and wood, on the other hand, are great for long-term investments. They are durable and bring in the upscale appeal anyone would want to have in his bath space. Including the supply and installation, vinyl flooring can cost $57 per square meter. Purchasing and installing premium solid hardwood flooring can cost up to $80 per square meter.


Making a good choice of countertop is necessary for anyone looking forward to making his bathroom one of a kind. People have various preferences when it comes to materials and designs of countertops. If you choose to do solid timber, you need to set aside an average of $900 per square meter. If you want to give the countertop a redefined look using materials such as glass and granite, you should have your budget for this particular fixture running at $6000 or more.


You cannot downplay the essence of splashback when it comes to kitchen renovations. While it might not feature more often in kitchen remodeling, you need to prepare for it just in case you change your mind. Several options can suit your needs depending on your preference. For most people, tile is an obvious choice. In that case, you will spend less than $1000 renovating the better part of your splashback.


Replacing the kitchen cabinets can be costly; it is no secret. If you are trying to save some good money in the process, you will need to be very careful in your choices. For those installing high-end customized kitchen cabinets, you should brace yourself to spend $10,000 or more. Nevertheless, it is worth it. If you want to carry out a standard upgrade using high-quality laminate or wood, you can set aside $5000-$6000.

The whole idea of giving your kitchen a renewed look is great. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the cradled cooking space it has always been for the past couple of years. While bringing in modifications, you can plan things in a way that ensures you save money and still achieve the glamorous look you have always desired for your kitchen!

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Virginia

Kitchens have come a long way. From simple cooking spaces to party zones and family gathering spots, we must agree that it has been a long journey. However, we are not there yet. The modern kitchen has not only improved in terms of appeal but also functionality. Anyone looking forward to renovating his kitchen would really want to get the best of both worlds. So, which kitchen design inspirations should a homeowner in Virginia think of adopting?

Narrow kitchen countertops

Thin countertops seem to usher elegance and class right inside our kitchens. Slim countertops are perfect as far as far as resisting moisture resistance is concerned. The thin look also delivers an irresistible appeal.  For someone looking to usher in the sense of uniqueness, you will definitely appreciate walking along this path.

Clever storage

Storage is an essential aspect as far as any kitchen is concerned. Many people seem to agree with this. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen later in the year, think of introducing versatile storage spaces. How you design your cabinets will have a huge influence on this. Modern cabinets aimed at optimizing storage come with various features including integrated drawers and adjustable shelving racks.

Neutral colors

Adequately is ideal for every kitchen. However, that doesn’t mean every homeowner is willing to embrace white colors in all the spaces. Bringing in colors such as dark brown and light gray seems to provide a rich blend that every homeowner wants in his kitchen. If you want to bring chic and shine to modern interiors, adding copper and stainless steel would be the best ideas. It is a special way of blending the industrial feel with the classic residential appeal.

Redefined countertops

What roles does the countertop play in your kitchen? For many homeowners, the countertop is more than a working space. Kitchen countertops have the ability of driving in the much-needed sense of personality within the corridors of your kitchen. If your desire is to make it the focal point of your kitchen room, going for bolder colors would be a great thing to do. Some people would love other areas of the kitchen to stand out. In such cases, going neutral would be the best option. By going down this road, your interior design plans will not have to suffer.

Unique accents

Everyone appreciates a good-looking kitchen, especially if it brings out a sense of personality. Your kitchen should be able to spell something about you. Adding your own sense of personal touch makes your kitchen more adorable. If done the right way, you will want to spend the better part of your time at home in the kitchen. Tiny details such as spring flowers, colorful knobs, and customized shelving reveal so much about you. Have a kitchen that reminds you of everything you stand for whenever you step inside. At EA Home Design, we specialize in kitchen design in Virginia. You can get in touch with us for more ideas on how to make your kitchen an irresistible design hub!

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