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Turn your Basement Into Useful Space Using these Tips

Turn your Basement Into Useful Space Using these Tips

On average, the cost of remodeling a basement for Virginia homeowners is $65,000. You are probably thinking; that is too much for me! Well, a recent survey shows that many people recoup an average of 71% of basement remodeling costs during sales. That should make you feel relaxed, at least for now.

Factors Affecting Basement Remodeling Costs

It is agreeable that not all homeowners spend such an amount remodeling their basements. To be able to plan wisely and save money in your basement remodeling endeavors, you need to understand the various factors that go into basement remodeling.

Size of the basement space

The amount you are going to spend remodeling your basement heavily depends on the size. For a bigger space, you expect to spend more, on both labor and materials. It is probably the greatest consideration when it comes to basement remodeling costs.


Just the way it is with general renovation costs, how much you spend on basement remodeling depends on the location of your home. A homeowner in New York is likely to spend twice as much renovating his basement compared to someone in Tennessee. For those in Virginia, you can always take advantage of the competitive pricing of EA Home Design services.

Flooring Option

For the basement, you will need to be keen on the choice of flooring. If the renovation plan include removing of the cement floor and replacing it with something, you will have extra costs added to your initial budget. Yet again, the kind of floor you choose will dictate the resultant amount spent on giving your bathroom a redesigned appeal.

Additional features

What extra feature do you want for your bathroom? The answers to this will determine how much you spend for basement remodeling. You might want an extra bathroom, especially if the basement is re-designed into an extra living space. For others yet, you might prefer an additional exit plan apart from the stairs. You can have a special exit for your basement for additional costs. Are you ready to suck that?

Save money remodeling your basement

Having understood the various factors affecting basement remodeling costs, you can now approach it with more confidence. The good news is; one can save on these renovation costs if they are willing to. If you are willing and able, you can consider;

  • Handling the painting job; you can get the entire family involved in this.
  • Doing the trim work; if you are able to install your trim, you could save $500 or more of the basement remodeling money
  • Renovating in winter; you are likely to benefit from great prices and perfect scheduling since not so many people opt for this time.

Are you ready to give your basement a deserving look? Nothing should hold you back! You can always turn your idle basement into a more functional space, saving money in the process. With these tips, you can be certain to have a smooth time kicking off your renovation plans. Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with EA Home Design team today!

Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Embrace in 2017

For most people, the first few minutes and the last couple of minutes of each day are spent inside the bathroom. That makes it a special place. For such a space, you wouldn’t want something old and outdated. Instead, ambiance, glamour and radiance are necessary. That is why many homeowners consider bathroom renovation as one of the most essential home improvement project. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it isn’t just about the having a sleek room. Staying updated with the latest trends is key. So what is available for homeowners upgrading their bathrooms in 2017?

Green bathrooms

Recently, there has been a steady rise in the number of homeowners opting for shower plants. Organic feel and hanging plants add life to neutral bathrooms. With the right choice of plants, you will also have purified air. Bringing houseplants right inside your bathrooms creates an environment that will keep you relaxed. If your bathroom feels like a sanctuary to you, you wouldn’t want to miss this additional feature.

Borderless showers

For those who occasionally used outdoor shower, you can guess the feeling of bathing inside a room without a ceiling. The experience is relaxing and breathtaking. Having a frameless shower brings along the same feeling. For those seeking to renovate their bathrooms in 2017, you should consider this a top priority. It is particularly great for small bathrooms with limited for shampooing and enjoying a long shower.

Round Vanity Mirrors

Yet another low-lift way of giving your bathing space a trendy look is by considering this kind of mirror. The round face attracts instant attention. It works best when fixed alongside a rectangular vanity. The good news is; this upgrade is so cheap it won’t dent your pocket.

French door

This year ushers in the perfect opportunity of distancing yourself from the normal door and embracing something new. When paired with a sleek shower curtain, the resultant look is certain to give your bathroom an irresistible appeal. While still serving the same purpose of keeping water from spilling over, it also guarantees a great sense of fashion.

Drop white, pick colorful

White on white has been a common trend, as long as I can remember. This year, you need to step out boldly and demand something else. Starting with the tiles, you need a colorful choice. You can always try something like vintage. If you decide to adopt this trend, it might be necessary keeping the other spaces neutral in order to let the tiles shine. You can also choose to be colorful when it comes to medicine cabinetry and other bathroom accessories. At the end of the day, all you should strive for is a warm and welcoming bathroom.

Would you like some ideas on how to improve the look of your bathroom? 2017 is your year. At EA Home Design, you can always trust our experienced experts to deliver all the tips you need to ensure your bathroom is sleek, modern and undoubtedly breathtaking!

5 Tips to Upgrade your Old Bathroom

For long, bathrooms were merely functional spaces people only visited when in need of a quick shower. In recent years, however, there have been dramatic changes in how people view and use bathrooms. Today, many homeowners spend quality time in their bathrooms, a quiet time away from hustles of the world. If you are still seeing your bathroom as a bathing space you only visit in the morning for a rush bath, it’s time you do thing differently. It all starts by giving your old bathroom a renewed look. So what necessary changes should you make?

Upsizing Tiles

Initially, people did not take closer considerations of bathroom flooring. Today, homeowners are demanding more. For a glamorous bathroom, you should start by changing the flooring. Large format tiling provides an easy cleaning time. If you can afford quartzite, don’t think twice. Many people love this trend. You definitely want to go this way.

Go bold with tile patterns

Perfect bathroom flooring isn’t just about the choice of material. The laying styles also matter. Not so many people realize that the arrangement of flooring materials affect the visual shape and size of the room. Steadily, people are moving away from the conventional rectangular patterns. For someone who wants his bathroom flooring to reflect a modern look, you would probably go for a diamond or herringbone layout. Other patterns worth embracing include diagonal styles and vertical brick formats.

You can get bolder and adopt the Versailles formation in which four different sizes of tiles are laid together in a staggered pattern. This random, timeless pattern will definitely give your bathroom a redefined look.

Modify the lighting fixtures

In today bathrooms, creativity when it comes to lighting fixtures is necessary. Adopt a lighting system that allows the bathing space to be bright and welcoming at daytime. When the sun goes down, the same room should be beaming with radiance, thanks to a concoction of lighting solutions. Recently, dimmable lights and sensor lights have become common. While achieving glamour, try to keep your lighting fixtures energy-efficient.

The Wallpaper Factor

Wallpapers inside the bathing rooms have never been trendier than they are today. Come on, how else would you transform the boring look of your bathroom walls. Wallpapers have been known to bring an instant sense of attraction to any room. The idea of the bathroom being associated with dampening conditions might be troubling you. With the advent of washable vinyl wallpapers, you now have very little to worry about. For best results, have the professional work on the application process.

Invite nature

One last thing you need to do to give your bathroom a redesigned look is to simply take in houseplants. You have a variety of options to choose from-terrariums, orchids and fig plants. This blends well with a matching background. Simply go green.

Are you tired of the old look of your bathing space? It doesn’t have to stress you. All you need are just a few tips and tricks. With the help of EA Home Design experts, you can be sure to get the job done perfectly.

5 Kitchen Renovation Secrets for Virginia Homeowners

Kitchen remodel projects have grown huge over the past few years. Today, the modern Virginia homeowner spends an average of $40000 doing his kitchen. For a full kitchen remodel, the cost can go up to $60,000. You might probably be asking yourself; isn’t that too high? Well, considering the recent functionality trends, it might not be right making such a conclusion. Your kitchen deserves the best. However, that doesn’t mean you should lay it all, spending the last penny in your account just to have your kitchen looking gorgeous. A couple of tips can help you handle the kitchen re-design aspect without necessarily spending your all.

Have a personal layout

Which layout would you prefer for your kitchen? You can keep the costs down by opting for a simple, sleek design. Most buyers would gladly fall for that, so you will not have when selling off your home. If you can avoid altering the existing layout, it is even better. Moving the plumbing system and electrical lines can be involving, both financially and in terms of labor. Even if you have to move other appliances, think of retaining positions of the sink and gas stove in your design. For best results, have your design early enough to aid in planning.

Have a detailed cope of work

It is advisable to have a clear guideline of the necessary tasks involved in the project, right from the beginning. You do not have to use all the construction jargons. State in simple words everything you would like the remodeling experts to do for you. It can be something like;

  • Put new lighting fixtures
  • Change sink
  • Install new cabinets
  • Remove existing flooring and replace with new ones

Once you start the consultation process, you might find out additional tasks. Add them to this list. It is better to list everything you need to be done instead of relying on what the contractor’s suggestions. You might end up spending unnecessarily.

Consider choosing the materials

If you need to do major upgrades for the cabinet, countertops and the kitchen island, it is important to be wise in the choice of materials. Feel free to inquire from the experts all the available alternatives. At EA Home Designs, the professionals will enlighten you on the most appropriate materials depending on your budget and design. Thereafter, you can make an independent decision on the designs that best suit you. You can shop around for discount items and take advantage of various offers.

Opt for midgrade brand appliances

Just like cars, most kitchen appliances costs vary depending on the brand. You do not have to go for all the big names in the market. Instead, focus on quality and functionality. You can always use additional help from the professionals.

Lastly, you need to be very careful when choosing your remodeling agency or firm. Before making any commitments, carry out your research. Be bold in requesting the quotes. Most importantly, ask necessary questions and demand the appropriate answers. A great kitchen remodeling project starts with choosing the right crew for the job!

Trendy Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Virginia

If one of your resolutions in 2017 was to redesign or remodel your bathroom, it is never too late. Whether you want a luxurious space or just a cool bathing area, there is so much to choose from. For Virginia homeowners, you can always squeeze the most out of your bathroom, keeping in mind the latest trends. So what are some of the most popular bathroom remodel trends that you definitely don’t want to miss?

Try a feature wall

If you step inside most of the modern bathrooms today, you will realize something; a conspicuous center of focus. Having glossy and highly reflective surfaces across the wall of the bathroom is a good idea, but it is even better if you are able to turn one side of the walls into a masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be something out of the world. At times, all you need is a statement vanity or unique cabinet. You can also decide to adorn one of the walls with your favorite painting or wallpaper design.

Keep it sleek

If you aim is to have a modern, shiny bathroom at the end of the renovations, you must be careful in the choice of cabinet. High-gloss fitted furniture provides the perfect start. Accentuate this modern feel by further investing in wall-hung cabinets. You have the option of doing pullout storage, which is equally great for keeping your bathroom space contemporary. If a luxurious bathroom is all you have always wanted, you can consider a mirrored glass just above the bath.

Glossy Tiles

A shiny bathroom comes with a sense of irresistible charm. You can frame your bathroom for the glossy appeal by simply starting with high-gloss ceramic tiles. Make this count by going for the upsize format. Opting for such tiles makes your bathroom feel more spacious and glamorous than ever before. S

The Natural Look

For some homeowners, nothing inspires them like the appeal of nature. Well, you can transfer that right inside your bathroom. Stop for a moment and try to imagine the sweet, rugged look stone-curved baths and basis would add to your bathroom. You can definitely supplement this look by choosing settling on stone flooring or walls. Just be careful enough to choose slip-resistant varieties.

In the past, textured wall paintings and wooden surfaces have also helped enhance the natural appeal. You can take advantage of that. Such materials create a relaxed environment that everyone wants to have.

Single block hues

For too long, the white on white trend has dominated most bathrooms. 2017 is the time to veer away from the norm and try something new. You can incorporate two or more bold colors, perfectly integrated to give your bathroom a renewed sense of appeal. Think of something out of the ordinary like painting one side of the wall in a single contrasting color. You can also decide to adorn a vanity unity in your favorite color. Giving your bathroom a redefined look doesn’t have to be so complicated, right?

5 Home Design Inspirations that will Move the Needle in 2017

Are you looking for ways of upgrading the look of your home? Well, it is agreeable that every person has his own tastes when it comes to home design. While some trends are perfect for particular homeowners, some home design inspirations cut across people from various backgrounds. You will definitely love them regardless of your tastes. Let’s take a tour of some of them.

Vanity conversions

Finding the perfect RTA vanity can be quite an issue. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can choose to get creative with what you have. Think of what you can do with the sets of drawers, vintage consoles and old file cabinets. You can convert them into unique vanities. In 2017, most homeowners will not wait for the perfect vanity design. They will create it instead.

White and off-white balance

A white-on-white bedroom is inviting. You will definitely feel refreshed any time you step in. However, too much white makes the room look clinical. Balancing the white hue and off-white shades such as cream create the perfect environment. It achieves what one would easily describe as a cozy and inviting feeling. Simply the all-white trademark and blend it with other bold colors such as grey.

Laundry room splurge

When it comes to home remodeling, many homeowners tend to spend the better part of budget doing the kitchen or the bathroom. However, recent renovation trends have witnessed something different. People are being keen on other spaces within the house. Apparently, the laundry rooms seem to be benefiting from this renewed attention. Different design inspirations are making it possible to achieve a brighter laundry room with sufficient storage and enhanced functionality. If you spend decent amounts of time doing laundry, why shouldn’t you splurge on it? For someone with a medium size laundry room, you can expect to spend an average of $2500 turning this space into a luxurious home feature. Do not shy away from investing in unique tile designs and accented walls.

Counter-depth fridges

For those with a small kitchen, it is true that remodeling can be quite a challenge. To save on space and ensure adequate storage, you can choose to splurge on deep refrigerators. Match this trend with fitting countertops and carefully designed cabinets. This enables you to achieve a streamlined appeal while saving enough space for other appliances.

Welcome back brass

In the recent years, brass finishes have been finding their way back. If you want that glossy feel without necessarily spending a fortune, brass provides a viable option. In recent trends, many homeowners have tried to do it differently by opting for brushed or satin brass as opposed to highly polished shiny brass. This transitional style comes with the added advantage of being able to compliment a variety of styles. It is nearly perfect with every shade.

If you are planning to change the look of your home in 2017, innovative design inspirations should be the least of your worries. With so much to explore, you can simply sit back and have EA Home design experts handle the rest.

4 Basement Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

For far too long, homeowners have treated basements as idle spaces with minimal usage. Over the past few years, however, there has been steady interest in basement renovation. Many people actually realize that these expansive spaces can be put to good use. As homeowners seek to expand space for their growing families, basement renovation trends are definitely going to be big. If you are ready to turn yours into a more functional space later in the years, you have a variety of trending design to choose from. Let us walk through some of them.

Open layout multipurpose basement

In the last few years, the open layout has proven big. Initially, rooms were closed off from one another. Today, the open concept design has opened up the walls to an expansive, free space. In most cases, the basement is an expansive area. You can take advantage of this fact to have an updated open layout basement. This design is perfect for a multi-purpose basement space. You can have various multi-purpose spaces within the basement, all opening up to one another. From the game room to the kitchenette and even the bar area, you can have an extensive basement booming with several activity spaces.

Home Extension Basement

Many homeowners consider basements as separate parts of the main houses. That explains why many people find it easy going bold when it comes to basement designs and styles. You can make an exception with your basement space and make it an integral part of your home. As someone steps down from the main house, you can continue downwards with the same finishing as that of the main house. In this case, there isn’t any need to change the flooring, color patterns and any other feature exhibited by the main house. With this design, you can easily make the basement into a normal functional space like the home library or additional bedroom.

Enclosed media room

Another basement remodeling design that is fast gaining popularity is that of enclosed theatre rooms. Many homeowners opt for this when they want a completely different feeling every moment they step inside their basements. This design comes with a surround sound, enclosed walls and in most cases, large projection screens. Many homeowners dream of having a traditional theatre room, fully equipped with media appliances. Such spaces can also have kitchenette integrations. You ca make this a present-hour reality by simply turning that idle basement into something everyone will want to have.

Walkout basements

Unlike other basement designs, this type of basement does not feature fully submerged walls. It is the perfect basement design for homes established at the hillsides. For such a basement, you can easily access it from the outside. Yet again, this basement design benefits from more natural lighting. If you want to remodel your basement to reflect this design, it will be necessary exposing one side, making it possible to build windows and a door facing outside. With the services of skilled professionals like EA Home Design experts, you can be sure to achieve such a basement design.

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