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Beautify Your Home Get Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design in Virginia

Beautify Your Home Get Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design in Virginia

For many Virginia homeowners, the kitchen is the hub of our homes. It hosts most of the family gatherings. Even more, kids find it interesting doing their homework next to mum in the kitchen, where they get to tell her how their day was. The truth is; there is more to a kitchen than just cooking space. That is why your kitchen deserves the best. If it true that the kitchen is the queen of your home then it is almost undeniable that the cabinetry is the crown. Almost every person who thinks about updating his kitchen starts with the cabinets.

Go out of the norm

Updating your kitchen cabinetry is a worthy course. It is something you definitely want to do if you need that redefined look of your kitchen space. However, there is really a great difference between wanting and actually having what is perfect for you. In the recent past, many homeowners have chosen to go for customized kitchen cabinet designs. With a few design inspirations, this option can work perfectly well for you. For those in Virginia, it becomes even better when you bring in professional intervention. EA Home Design boast of kitchen design experts who can help you sort out the finest cabinet design trends.

It starts with the kitchen cabinet hardware

Many homeowners tend to ignore the finer details when it comes to kitchen remodeling. It is easy to overlook the knobs and the pulls. What most people do not realize is that such small details have the ability to transform the look of their kitchens. At times, kitchen cabinet customization only requires a change of the hardware components. Customize your wooden cabinets with pulls and knobs in steel or chrome. Go pettier and replace the old hinges with a soft-close alternative. It is only then that you will realize the essence of updating the cabinet hardware.

Is gray cabinetry an option for you?

You have probably had a white-on-white look for long. Maybe, it is time to change everything and give your cabinetry a redefined look. What more could be tempting than the neutral gray color? Gray is 2017’s hottest neutral, you don’t want to miss it. Customize the look of your cabinets with light shades of gray to give your kitchen a brighter feel. If making it warn and dramatic is a better option for you, try darker gray shades. The amazing aspect is that grey cabinetry goes along with all nearly all the color schemes.

Time to usher in the metallic feel

Apparently, the mid-century modern look is on its way back. It is rapidly making its way inside the kitchens with metal cabinets. There is no better way of giving your kitchen cabinetry a unique feel that introducing metallic components. You have a plethora of options to choose from. You can decide on several steel varieties. With this kind of cabinetry, you won’t have to spend money on regular re-facing. Even better, cleaning them is a lot easier. If there is one thing you don’t want to turn your back on this year, it is the metal kitchen cabinetry.

2017 Kitchen Remodel Cost Guide in Virginia

How much do I need to give my kitchen a look it deserves? For many homeowners in Virginia, you have found yourself asking this question a couple too many times. Well, this happens to be your day. Nearly everyone who talks about styling his or her home has the kitchen in mind. However, the question of a kitchen remodels costs always comes in. Unless you get this part right, you might never live to have your dream kitchen.

It depends

The amount of money you are going to spend remodeling your kitchen depends on several aspects. One obvious factor is the size of your project. Small kitchens are cheaper to renovate compared to expansive kitchen spaces. Yet again, the kind of changes you plan to make will also have a final input on the money you spend remodeling your kitchen in Virginia. Is it a mid-range renovation project or a major undertaking? It all depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. There is also the labor aspect. Your choice of a kitchen remodels professionals will have a significant impact on overall cost. That is why you need to make your choices carefully.

Where does the budget go?

The next thing you will definitely want to know is a breakdown of the budget. Most homeowners spend 14% of the total renovation budget on appliances and ventilation. The cabinetry and hardware take a fair portion of 30%.  People also find it preferable setting aside 7% on the flooring, 5% on lighting, and 17% on labor. Countertops, Plumbing job, ceilings, and other minor remodels take the remaining budget. Depending on your budget, these proportions can serve as essential guides.

Small kitchen remodel cost guides

If you need you to make your small kitchen look glamorous, bringing in professional is a good idea. Many people spend an average of $800 on cabinet repair and re-facing. Installation of a new faucet for your small kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. It will probably cost you $250 or less. When it comes to kitchen appliances, you have so much to choose. Setting aside $1500 for the upgrade will see lend your kitchen the appealing look it deserves. On average, small kitchen remodels cost range from $4000 to $12000.

High-end kitchen remodel

To be able to undertake a major kitchen renovation project, you need to set aside $25,000 or more. With this, you will be able to take on major updates including;

  • Installation of new cabinets
  • Addition of recessed lighting and overhead lighting
  • Installation of modern kitchen appliances
  • Flooring upgrade
  • Customized counter and kitchen island

The prices will vary depending on your choice of materials. If you need customized cabinet designs, you will have to pay more. If you are able to splurge on a kitchen renovation and still remain financially buoyant, go for it. Just be sure to involve the right kitchen remodel Virginia team. Remember, EA Home Design experts are always here to actualize your dreams!

7 Tips and Tricks for Your Kitchen Remodeling

Who said kitchen remodeling is a messy business? If handled in the appropriate manner, a kitchen renovation can turn out to be one of the most enjoyable undertakings. You just need to know how to go about it. Every homeowner deserves a beautiful and stylish kitchen. Achieving such a dream kitchen shouldn’t be a gruesome task for you. With a few tips, you can get the entire process rolling.

Decide what needs to be changed

Before setting out on a kitchen-remodeling project, you need to be firm on the scope of the project. How much of the existing space should be retained? Which components must change? See what you can keep and write down all the things you need to change. Where necessary, make earlier consultations.

Gather design inspirations

With a firm mind on what you want to achieve, you can go ahead and look for ideas on how best to make the changes. You will have an easier time planning the remodel process if you are able to figure out the specific style you want. You can get ideas from décor blogs, magazines, selected real estate photo galleries and of course, Pinterest. Do not feel awkward when you are not able to describe the exact style in a single word. All that matters is being able to communicate what you want to the design experts.

Plan your budget

A kitchen-remodeling project can be financially draining. The last thing you want to do is to be caught up in the mix, putting your last penny on the project. This is where the services of professional designers come handy. Feel free to let them know what you want and let them estimate the cost. The entire budget should be within reach.

Be smart in your timing

Major kitchen remodeling projects can be so involving. It might go for three weeks. For many homeowners, moving out is not considered an option when thinking of kitchen remodeling. When making your plans, it is, therefore, necessary choosing a time that is more convenient. It can be during the summer holiday when your day is less hectic. You will be glad you thought of it.

Save on the cabinets

Unless it is necessary, you do not have to replace the cabinets. A simple paint job can bring your old, boring cabinetry set back to life. Even more, interestingly, you can convert existing cabinets into lovely open shelves!

Don’t know down the walls yet

It is true that many homeowners are rapidly going for open kitchen layouts. They look great and leave the kitchen more spacious. Before knocking down your kitchen walls, however, you might want to consider a cutout. In the process, you won’t have to reroute electric lines and interfere with the plumbing job. Consequently, you will have some money to spare at the end of the renovations.

Take your time choosing professionals

At the end of the day, the professionals are the ones left with the job of implementing your ideas. You do not want to make regrettable choices by opting for the wrong crew. Do your research and ask for referrals if need be. Ensure you are comfortable working with everyone in the kitchen remodeling team before proceeding with the details.

7 Small Changes That Make a Huge Difference for Your Kitchen

Creating a kitchen that pops doesn’t have to be a sophisticated process. Over the years, you have probably been made to believe that a colorful kitchen can only come out of ‘major’ kitchen remodeling activities. Well, it is not always the case. Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is just a little change. In this post, we will explore some of the small changes you can make to ensure your kitchen looks great.

Upgrading cabinet handles

Many homeowners underestimate the essence of cabinet. Simply changing the look of your cabinet handles can give your kitchen a new look. Pick up some ideas like antique handles, brightly colored handles or mismatched handles. You can also go crazy and choose to have cabinets with ho handles! Carried out in the right way, such steps can work perfectly in spicing up the look of your kitchen.

The power of ceiling

The ceiling is always a neglected part of the kitchen. Many people are yet to realize how great the color and texture of your ceiling can change a kitchen. Simply move away from the plain white ceiling color and embrace an accent hue. You can also adopt the other idea of painting a medallion. It aims at drawing attention to the right places.

Upgrade your windows

It is so easy to settle for ordinary windows, everyone else does that any way. You can make your kitchen look more spacious and lively by simply changing the window designs. Paned windows and colored glasses are turning out to be perfect choices of design for most homeowners. Allow more light into the room and transform the appearance of your cooking space by altering the window coverings.

Fine Painting Job

For those who love the color blue, you can make your kitchen different from those of your neighbors and friends. You probably spend more time in the kitchen so make this space count by welcoming different shades of blue. Think of deep marine for kitchen accents, cobalt for cabinets and robin’s egg blue for stools. You can also go ahead and paint the island in a blue shade that suits you.

Incorporate open shelving

Sometimes, you don’t need to redo the entire cabinet to make it look sleeks. Simply embrace the idea of open shelving. Open shelving has the tendency of reducing visual weight, making the limited kitchen space look more expansive. For a better, modified look, you can try a floating shelve as opposed to the normal models with brackets.

Winnow down

Sometime, all you need to do is change positions. Instead of cluttering the shelves and cabinets with unnecessary accessories, you can focus in fee standouts and hide the rest of the items away. Let the antique glasses take the center stages as you look for better spaces for other kitchen accessories.

Let there be splashy lighting

Beaming your kitchen with glorious doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a tooth. You can simply bring in some unique lighting fixtures and make your kitchen appear lovely. Think of under-cabinet and sink lighting fixtures. If carried out perfectly, these changes will do your kitchen great visual justice.

7 Best Ideas about Kitchen Remodeling

Of all the rooms within the house where unique decorative designs can have the greatest impact, the kitchen wins. Many homeowners would admit that a well-designed kitchen easily steals the shows every time the visitors are around. Who doesn’t want a kitchen that makes friends want to stay around every time they come to visit you? Everyone is in! Funnily, most homeowners believe that such kitchens take an arm and a tooth to gain. That is far from the truth. What you need are simple kitchen remodeling ideas. We will share with you a couple of them.

  1. It starts with the layout

When renovating your kitchen, your number one priority should be the kitchen layout. Take closer consideration of the work triangle; the distance between the stove, sink, and the refrigerator. Advisably, this area should occupy a small footprint as possible. It is also recommended that the refrigerator be put closer to the door. After all, most people visiting the kitchen end up there!

  1. Make the backsplash count

Apart from the cabinetry (ignoring the floor), the backsplash tends to take the biggest space in the kitchen. It forms a significant portion of the kitchen’s visual real estate. As many kitchen renovation experts will tell you, don’t shy away from splurging when it comes to the backsplash. Take advantage of these features to express your sense of style and personality.

  1. Be keen on details

The hardware components of a kitchen play a significant role in the general outlook. More precisely, the underlying materials of your kitchen cabinetry reveal so much about you. Add upscale elegance to your kitchen by going for the right type of hardware. Choose the ideal material, representing a perfect blend of class and elegance.

  1. Simply light it up

Nearly everyone who walks into the kitchen finds himself looking at the ceilings. That is why you need to invest in stunning lighting fixtures when carrying out kitchen remodeling. Bring in some great sense of lighting around the sink and over the island. Most importantly, focus on making the kitchen lighting fixtures nearly irresistible.

  1. Think Quality

When shopping for kitchen renovation materials, don’t just concentrate on the appearance. You must think long term and go for quality. Whether you are planning to stay within for several years or sell the house, you will be certain to obtain real value for your cash.

  1. Splurge on the floors

Most people tend to settle for ordinary flooring when renovating their kitchens. That is where they get it all wrong. You need to be smart in your choice of flooring. Lend your kitchen a luxe look by investing in 12-inch ceramic tiles. To spice up the design, have the tiles laid diagonally.

  1. Colorful kitchen appliances

You do not need the finest painting job for your kitchen to look great. Simply upgrade your kitchen appliances and let the come adorned in an array of attractive shades. From the refrigerator the microwave, make the little choices count by inviting the perfect color blend. Do you need additional tips on how to renovate your kitchen? EA Home Design experts are always here to help.

6 Top Trends in Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2017

The kitchen is always put to the test every time visitors and close friends are around. Passing such tests can only mean staying in tune with the latest trends. Besides the obvious need of showing off your kitchen to friends, you also need to feel proud every time you step inside this precious space. Visual appeal isn’t all, however. Modern kitchens are more about functionality. So how do you blend the two and still end up with a gorgeous kitchen? The following kitchen remodeling ideas are all you need!

Butler’s Pantries

With the modern kitchens that are more than just cooking spaces, messy pots, and crumbled pans in the sinks are the last things you want to see. Homeowners have found realistic solutions in ensuring their kitchens remain tidy and presentable. If you want to join that wagon, simply get yourself butler’s pantry. You can do all the prep work in the butler’s pantry and then close the doors when you are done. You will get to worry about cleaning the space when all the guests are gone, and you have ample time to work on this.

Double sinks

Two sinks are better than one; the saying goes. For those who might not have enough space for butler’s pantry, you can think of installing another sink. With this, you will be able to rinse glasses and do other minor cleanings when the other sink is of full of dirty dishware. It just gives you more time to organize yourself.

Flat front cabinets

This bare-bone look has been around for some time. It isn’t going away anytime soon. The sharp edges and nicely fitting parts give your kitchen an appealing look. In the next few years or even months, we expect this sleek trend to extend to cabinetry and even kitchen island.

Dining bar

Nearly every homeowner now appreciates the need for breakfast bars and stools inside the kitchen. Meanwhile, another trend is setting in steadily, that of integrating the dining table inside the kitchen. If you are the chef, you won’t miss the fun while preparing food for the guests. If you so much belief in your food prep skills, this open-layout trend also gives you an opportunity of showing off what you’ve got.

Terra-cotta flooring

Terra-cotta tile is here again. For someone who wants the exotic-old world charm back into his or her kitchen, this trend provides a formidable option. It is durable. You don’t have to stick with the common tiles everyone is going for.

High-low decorating furnishing

Splurging on your kitchen is a great idea, but you might not always have the funds to bring all the high-end kitchen appliances homes. Many homeowners have now embraced the idea of high-low mixing. If you can afford to splurge on the refrigerator, find a budget-friendly oven to go with. Do not shy away from integrating affordable pendant lights with sophisticated luxe stoves. If you are awesome in your choices, everything will fall in place without anyone realizing the vast difference in price points.

Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodel

It is not a crime to have a small kitchen. Actually, bigger is not always better as far as kitchen design is concerned. Limited kitchen spaces have been known to provide efficient workspaces compared to the larger ones. The same applies to design and glamour. You do not need a spacious kitchen to achieve a glamorous appeal. All you need are essential tips to help you keep this space more functional, highly organized, and very beautiful. We’ve put together a couple of small kitchen ideas that will come handy for anyone looking forward to remodel his tiny cooking space.
Brighten up the space
Dark rooms tend to feel smaller. For a tiny kitchen, the combination isn’t one of the best. You can brighten up the walls by settling on a fresh coat of paint over the walls. You can also brighten the cabinets by giving them a pale color. If you do not feel like interfering with the rich dark look of your cabinets, some under-cabinet lighting fixtures will do. Additional kitchen brightening techniques include;
• Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives
• Bringing in a mirror to the kitchen walls
• Adding LED strips lights to shelves
Try creative pot racks
For smaller kitchens, there is hardly enough space for the large, rectangular pot racks hanging from the ceiling. That doesn’t mean you should eliminate the whole idea of pot racks. Instead, you can have them mounted on the walls. This design not only provides additional storage space but also comes with great décor display.
Adopt Cooking Tool Walls Storage
Homeowners with small kitchens can also pick some design inspirations from some of the busy restaurant kitchens around. Such stores use industrial walls for storage of utensils. Have a hanging rack for utensils over the walls. Something as simple as a bar with hooks or loops on it will do. You can also embrace the idea of hanging a basket for holding smaller items on such racks. Go ahead and paint a pegboard then have it on the kitchen walls for hanging your tools. Even more, interestingly, you can use wall magnets for storage of spice jars and kitchen knives. Just ensure you keep everything organized by considering color and functionality.
Usher in Hideaway Furniture
One of the most outstanding aims of remodeling a small kitchen is to enhance its functionality. You can achieve this the easier way by creating multipurpose spaces with furniture that can easily be tucked away. Think of backless bar stools that can be tucked away when not in use. Yet again, you can consider roll out kitchen tables and cabinets. With you, also lies the option of adopting drop down tables and wall mounted cutting boards.
It is so interesting what little creativity can do for a small kitchen. Instead of stressing up yourself and admiring the spacious kitchens of the neighbors next door, you can make your own worth talking about, however small it might seem. Simply follow these ideas to the latter. You can also obtain additional small kitchen design inspirations from EA Home Designs experts, simply call.

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