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Small Bathroom Remodeling

Small Bathroom Remodeling

You have a small bathroom, and you have no idea how to remodel it? And a small bathroom can look great and be fully functional. The important thing is that the best way organizes everything you want to put into it.

We have a few ideas for decorating small bathrooms so if you see anything you want, feel free to use it. Here’s an idea …


Price is a key issue when it comes to renovation, even the smallest space in your home …

If you are planning to renovate a small bathroom, you need to wisely calculate the sum of money that you need. If you want to reduce costs, then you need to turn creativity through projects that you do yourself.

Here are the basic things that you can apply in the renovation of a small bathroom, that is a cheaper way to make this space more beautiful and functional.


The cheapest way to just refresh your bathroom is to change the accessories you use. You can make small changes that will personalize your bathroom. Do this by adding the details, replace carpet or runway in the bathroom, match the colors on the shower curtain. Change towels, soap dish, toothbrush holders. Put the new curtains in the window, or change the lighting in your bathroom. These small details can have a significant impact on the look of your bathroom.


Edit the small bathroom with the help of 10 ideas that will give meaning and style of this small area in which you have to squeeze all these indispensable elements such as a sink, washing machine, toilet, bathtub or shower, etc.


Toilet in spa style

One toilet contains much fewer elements than the classical bathroom, and it is possible to compress and in the smallest space. This is the case with the toilet in a spa style, located in the penthouse, and that the best possible use of every inch of available space.


Bathroom mirror

Choose a glamorous bathroom mirror and bathroom cabinet glossy surface. The mirror in the picture gives a touch of elegance and reflects light within a small bathroom.


Decorative partitions for bath

Decorative dividers bath instead of shower curtains is a better choice because it allows the light shines swept through the compact bathroom. Shelves with baskets and hooks for hanging towels perfectly matched the recessed space.


Modern family bathroom

Keep your bathroom neat and tidy with plenty of hidden space for stacking and storing. Pay special attention to the lockers for personal hygiene, to be beyond the reach of “small arms.” Lighter tiles on the walls and floor make the bathroom look bigger.


Bathroom furniture in a small bathroom

This small bathroom has a large hanging locker with mirror and sinks with a broad white commode narrow room that apparently does much around.


Tiles and shower

Neutral tiles on the floor, and the wall creates a cohesive look. Transparent shower stall partition fits well into the small bathroom while space element walnut combined sink and commode which saves on space.


Modern bath

Do you want a little more room to shower? When this or similar design is right. Large format tiles and the transparent barrier bathrooms complement the modern look.



Flamingo creates a dynamic wallpaper pattern in this room. The mirror in the French style and white tiles maintain balance and make this toilet brighter.


Bath in country style

Although small in this bathroom with sloping ceilings managed to accommodate when detached. Wooden paneling is responsible for the country look.



Shower curtains in a flamenco style

Would you like to give character to your bathroom? Just set a colorful ruffled shower curtain that will break the monotony of pure white bathrooms.

6 Fun Ways To Love The Home Additions Remodeling Process

Regardless of whether the number of your family members has increased or you simply want a little more space, extend your apartment or house is definitely not a venture that should be taken lightly. Still, if you plan so that this project fits in a period of time and budget you have, it can be a lot of fun for you and your family.


Before you start you have to make a good plan


Before you obtain anything you need for the project even if it is just a nail, take a pen and paper and draw roughly of what it is you want to do. Think carefully about what is your main goal and what is the main goal of this project. For example, more space and better functionality, and to follow it all the way.

Also be sure to check the relevant institutions (the administrative service center, Department of Planning), so you find out from them what documentation or other permits you need for the construction.


Find inspiration


If you have some books or magazines that deal with the theme of developing and improving your living space, you might want to skim them a little. You might get that idea. Make it a fun day with your family when you will all talk about your future plan, exchange ideas, talk about your wishes. You may even try to use computer programs that provide 3D interior design ideas, so you can see how your idea will compliment the current space.


Consider the available space


If you expand your house, you know that this will reduce the amount of free space in your yard. Be aware of what you will get and what you will lose before you make one step in that direction.


Manage your time


Consider well how much time you can spend on it, and how much time is objectively necessary for the completion of all works. Time constraints may exist for some other reason, or whatever it is important that the framework is set, so you know the period that is needed for this venture.


Measurements and figures


Once you have decided on which part of the house/apartment you want to expand, do the measurements. Measure all walls, floors, windows … everything where you will have to work. Having the right numbers will help you to incorporate the purchase of necessary materials in your predetermined budget.


Think about the professional opinion


Before you plan to perform the work, show it to a professional. It is logical that people who are daily engaged in this kind of projects, certainly have a few tips and ideas to improve your project.


Plan for potential changes


Carrying out your project into action, many things will not go exactly as you originally planned. Let your plans be flexible and adaptable to situations like this. Allow for extra money, and time in the event of certain changes. Let this be a fun time for you and your family when you will see your project develops, and you look forward to the new space that you will be happy to use.

Adopt these suggestions, because it will surely help you in your work and create a home of your dreams.

6 Luxurious Kitchen Decorating Ideas From Award Winning Designer

Have you ever wondered what makes a beautiful kitchen? It is difficult to give an answer to this question. There are many things that make a kitchen extraordinary.


It is a personal choice and taste, yet we should not forget that the main elements have to be in proportion, a proportion so that the kitchen had the desired effect. It can be colored walls, layout, a mix of textures, lighting or color fronts elements themselves.


However, no matter how you decorate the kitchen, you need to know to achieve balance. So, regardless of the style of which is inclined, balance is the key. See proposal for the luxury kitchen from our company and get inspired on how to achieve the “wow” effect.

Kitchens are usually the most expensive room in every home when it comes to decoration. When you make a list of all the necessary items for purchase, starting from work surfaces, white goods, kitchen appliances, faucets, tiles …


Achieve perfection with luxury faucets made of copper or gold plating, using marble and elegant decorative handles. We believe that you will be a satisfied with the luxury effect.


We present you the tricks from awarded winning designers that will bring a touch of luxury to your room without emptying your wallet.


  1. Add the metal element

The elements of metal or iron can completely change the look of the pieces of furniture and can do miracles for your kitchen cabinets and components. Replace the knobs on the drawers, and kitchen cabinets with new, unique metal handle that will for a moment to update the entire space.

  1. Use bright colors

The bright colors on the walls and kitchen cabinets immediately illuminates the space, so that the interior of the kitchen look bigger and more expensive. Light colors reflect light and successfully hide a multitude of faults, including scratches and dents in the old elements.

  1. Replace the doors on kitchen cabinets

Replace old worn outdoors on the kitchen cabinets with new or renew the old ones, and this will give your kitchen a sleek design. Use glass or doors high gloss for glamor. Give up the doors in some areas and create open shelves to show off your most beautiful pieces of pottery.

  1. Change lighting

Chandeliers and lamps are the perfect complements, which will not only make your kitchen beautiful but it will change the atmosphere in the interior. Replace the standard lights that come in most homes and enter an unexpected element in your home.

  1. Use works of art

The work of art is a great way to elevate each room, and a variety of paintings will do the same in your kitchen. Do not be afraid, select big and bold pieces that will give the illusion of more space.

  1. Color your kitchen appliances

Do you not have stainless steel appliances? No problem.

Use the color of stainless steel to refresh appliances that still work well. Be careful when using color depending on the machine and its use.


To make your kitchen look nice, like those in the magazines, it is necessary to be orderly. Remove all small kitchen appliances or things that you do not use. You will get more space, and the kitchen will look nice and clean all the time.

We hope you find these ideas helpful for making your perfect luxurious kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling in Herndon Virginia

What comes to your mind the moment you hear the words ‘bathroom remodeling?’ For some people, the associated costs ring in their mind way before anything else. For others yet, you will see bouts of smile all over the face. Whichever way, bathroom remodeling is a major project that should bring happiness to homeowners and breath quality life into many homes. The best bathroom remodels projects are the ones that are planned. If you take your time planning, it will be less hectic when it comes to implementation. EA Home Design is your bathroom-remodeling partner. With highly experienced bathroom remodeling partners on our side, you can be certain of finding real value for your cash. We have handled thousands of remodeling projects for the twenty years we have stayed in operation.


Just like any other accent within your home, the look of your bathroom tells so much about you. You might want to take your time and give the remodeling project the best shot if you are to pass the right message. Any time you step inside your bathroom, there needs to be a personal bond that draws you closer to this space. So why shouldn’t you go for trendy remodeling styles? At EA Home Design, that is what we offer. We help to transform ordinary bathrooms into amazing spaces worth showing off. Whether you require a new look for your bathroom or just need to update certain features, a well-planned bathroom remodeling project can get the job done the easier way. We are here to make that dream materialize into a tangible outcome.


Focus on what counts


Bathroom remodeling isn’t all about giving your bathroom a new feel. Instead, it has everything to do with improving the functionality of your bathroom. Depending on your budget, you can make this space the most adorable part of your home. The journey of achieving your dream bathroom can as well start with the cabinets. Bathroom cabinets not only facilitate seamless storage but also add warmth to this private space. The type of material you choose for the cabinets will have a significant effect on the final look of the bathroom. While some people might prefer light maple wood varieties, some would best go for the tainted hues of mahogany. For someone who is daring enough to step outside the traditional look of bathroom cabinets, you can try contemporary designs. If you aren’t sure of your choices, EA Home Design experts can guide through the process.


To be able to obtain the most out of every bathroom-remodeling project, one needs to study his current bathroom. What do you like about it? What puts you off every time you step inside your bathroom? Is there something you wouldn’t want to change? Such insights can ignite unforeseeable bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom talk of the town. Before undertaking the bathroom renovation project, we advise our client to plan for the unexpected. Things happen and being caught off-guard is the last predicament you want to be caught in. Have allowances for emergencies, and the project will turn out great!



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