2017 Bathroom Renovation Costs You Need To Know


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How much is a bathroom renovation project likely to cost you? Such questions barely have one-word or single figure answers. The amount of money spent on bathroom renovations fluctuate depending on an array of factors. What you are planning to achieve at the end of the remodeling project will definitely have an effect on the budget. While the average bathroom remodeling costs stand at $8500, homeowners can spend more or less depending on their preferences. Common Bathroom Renovation Projects and their Costs There exist several bathroom renovation ideas. However, homeowners do not undertake all the ideas when doing renovations. They only select what they feel is necessary and fit perfectly within their budgets. Depending on whether you are doing low-range or major bathroom renovation, the costs of these projects can vary significantly, as we are soon to realize. Bathtub Installation One of the most common components of a bathroom remodel is updating the bathtub. If you choose to install a new bathtub, you need to be prepared for the looming high costs. It is not just about purchasing the bathtub and calling the plumber to do his work. There is need to install the surrounds. For a complete bathtub installation including the building of customized surround, you should estimate a budget of $3200. Installation of Shower Bathroom renovation experts recommend that shower installation should cost at least one-third of the total remodeling budget. For a modern shower remodel, you need to have several aspects in mind. Think of shower stall, shower door, and shower stall. In 2017, Virginia homeowners should expect to spend an average of $2800 in redoing the showers. Sink Upgrade Is there something you use more in the bathroom than the sink? You might not have figured it out, but the sinks are the mostly used fixtures in this private room. Think of washing your hands, brushing your teeth, applying makeup, and checking your hair almost every time. The amount of money you will spend on this depends largely on the brand, style, and material of the sink. On average, you need to set aside a figure not less than $500 for a majestic sink. Flooring Installation Many homeowners do not feel a bathroom renovation project is complete without touching the floor. It is necessary doing away with the old flooring and putting a new one in place. It is likely to claim a huge chunk of the total renovation budget. Of course, the ultimate spending here will depend on the material you go for. Since time memorial, natural stones and upscale porcelain tiles have been known to cost more. If you are planning to go for any of those, you need to deepen your pockets. You also have the option of doing more affordable materials like ceramic tiles and laminate. For a standard bathroom flooring installation, you need to set aside a budget of $3000. Installing Bath Fan Sometimes, small additions can improve bathroom conditions and values in great ways. Take, for instance, installation of a bath fan. It is perfect for controlling room humidity, fighting odors, and eliminating unnecessary moisture, especially after warm showers. Purchase and installation should cost $800 or less. Bathroom cabinet remodeling Mention cabinets and everyone will be thinking about the kitchen. Medicine and general storage cabinets add greater functionality to the bathroom. The associated costs depend on the material chosen and labor. Is it a DIY project or you are better of involving reliable professionals? For the best appeal, you should consider custom cabinets, which go for $500. If you do five of them or more and involve an expert, you should expect to spend $4000. Toilet Installation Replacing your toilet isn’t one of those exciting experiences. However, it is necessary when rolling out a major bathroom renovation project. Buying and installing a new toilet, trendy and fashionable, should cost you $400. Conclusion The amount of money you spend on bathroom renovation will determine the eventual outcome. The variations come because of material choices, labor costs, and size of projects. To ensure you get it right, you need to write a budget. You can also take advantage of EA Home Design experts to guide you through the renovation costs.

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