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Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement Renovation Ideas

For some homeowners, the basement space is the family junk room with half-empty tins of paint, old toys, and excess pictures without a space to hang them. For others yet, it is the unfinished parking space you simply use out of necessity. Well, it might not have occurred to you how valuable this space can get with a little touch of glamorous home remodeling. Unknowingly, this space provides you with an opportunity of increasing your living space and increasing the value of your home. Are you willing to convert the idle basement into something of greater value? The following insights can provide the perfect start.

Home Gym

Well, everyone desires good health and wants to stay in good shape. With our busy schedule, making it to the commercial gym every morning proves a hurdle. Well, your basement may be the savior you have been waiting for. With the help of experienced EA Home Design experts, you can turn this space into an effective family gym. You don’t need an extensive stretch of financial muscles to achieve this. After the renovation, you can start small by stocking it with treadmill, a couple of weights, mirrors and some simple exercise outfits. You can also decide to add a bathroom close by for convenience.

Man Cave

The idea of man room seems to have exploded in the recent decade. With official sites featuring man cave galleries, there couldn’t be any better way of utilizing the basement than turning it into a haven of peace. You can use this space to relax and decompress with ‘your boys.’ It is the little poker house or gaming joint away from town. You can explore some options like card playing, listening to cool music, and watching the game while in this room.

Family Room

A remodeled basement can be a perfect place for family and close friends to rest. For those having spacious basements, the structure will be fit for holding extended family gatherings where you can also get to play games and catch up with movies. The fact that basements are below-grade spaces make them cooler during summer months making them ideal for relaxing. In the colder months, you can take advantage of the varied heating systems.

Home Theater

You love watching movies and so is your better half and children. Well, you do not need to visit the cinemas every time you feel like having great movie experience. You can bring the experience home by turning the idle basement into a home theater. The fact that it is a basement gives you a sound buffer; now that is something worth taking advantage of!

Home Office

Are you working from home or just need a special space where you can continue with official duties away from the boring corners of your office? Well, you can take advantage of the basement space and transform it into something you have always desired. With innovative ideas from our EA Home Design experts, we can help you redesign this critical space the carefree way!

Incredible Kitchen Design Ideas worth Checking Out

For many people, the kitchen is more than a meal preparation parlor. Modern kitchen design ideas have the capabilities of transforming plain kitchens into glamorous cooking sanctuaries. The amazing aspect is that it doesn’t have to cost you fortunes to revitalize the looks of your kitchen. Simple modern kitchen ideas can transform what you have always considered ordinary into a more efficient cooking area; increasing the value of your home in the process. So what are some of these ideas? Let’s consider a brief insight.

Think of open kitchen shelving

Walk straight into many kitchens and have a look at the cabinet. You will agree that most of them have doors. Opting for free-end cabinets means following the less-treaded paths. Do you want to reveal the beauty of your latest kitchen additions without necessarily making your friends feel that you are showing off? Simply embrace the idea of open kitchen shelving. There is no better way of showing the array of complete kitchen makeover you recently acquired than putting them on open kitchen shelves. Let the roaming friends have something to talk about when they pass by your kitchen.

Adopting open kitchen shelving doesn’t necessarily mean doing away with the conventional closed cabinets. Those should be reserves for locking up your precious mugs and stylish dining set collections. You can always talk to our professional kitchen design experts to help you strike a coordinated balance between the two.

Additional Storage Space

Do you feel your kitchen is getting smaller for the extensive kitchen makeover you are acquiring? Expanding the kitchen space is not the only way of improving the storage capacity of your kitchen. You can embrace other creative and cost effective ideas. Think of installing swing-out cabinets. You not only have additional space for utensil storage but also grants a better view of the captivating kitchen makeovers stored inside.

Light the hidden Parts

Everyone does overhead lighting of the kitchens. There is nothing extraordinary in that. Moving closer to embracing the idea of lighting hidden parts like under the cabinets makes your kitchen unique. You can take advantage of modern designs to give your kitchen a better look through under cabinet lights. Installing such lights makes it easier for you to locate whatever you want from the kitchen cabinets at night in addition to giving your cooking space a peculiar look.

Time to embrace kitchen backsplash

Who enjoys removing grease stains and other dirt elements from the kitchen walls? It is something we do out of necessity, just to ensure our cooking spaces remain spotlessly clean. Otherwise, we would be so grateful if we can find ways of lessening such effects. Many people are currently embracing the idea of the kitchen backsplash. It is not a costly option but one that will save you the unnecessary work of tiding your kitchen on a regular basis. With the help of our experienced kitchen design experts, you can find better ways of giving your kitchen a better look in an effortless way. Simply give us that definitive call!

Revitalizing your Home: Inspirational Basement remodelling Ideas

For many people, the basement is merely a plain space within the compound. Others simply reserve it for parking without ever thinking of developing into something more glamorous. It never occurs to many people that such spaces can be made more useful and elegant, improving the value of your home in the process. At EA Home Design, we provide clients with top-notch tips on transforming their plain basement into more appealing home additions.

Relaxing space, away from the crowd

You might have desired to a haven of peace, somewhere within your home. Apparently, the master bedroom or even the study room might not seem to fit that. Have you ever stopped to figure out that an ideal basement remodel can do the trick? If you want a private room, where you can relax and keep your wines, remodelling the basement can be a great idea. Who knows? You can even transform it into a lounge with a built in bar! The power of turning your plain basement into a cosy den all lies in your hands.

Need extra space for your children?

Your family might be growing steadily every year. As usual, the surging need for an extra space might have started. Soon enough, it might be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to get to that point. Maybe all you need is giving your restructuring your basement. EA Home Design prides itself in transforming intangible ideas into solid realities. You do not have to think of moving into a new neighbourhood when the basement space is serving a less beneficial purpose.

Family Game Room

The space in the living room can never be enough for the kids to play their video games. Having a designated game room can be a perfect idea. Where do you get the extra space to materialise this dream? You have the basement of course. Such a space might not be only for the kids. It can also serve as a perfect place for the adults to enjoy their indoor games. With the help of experienced and duly qualified professionals, we can work on the idea and turn it into something that you will always be proud of.

It can be your Study Room!

You might have bought the house without a study room. That doesn’t have to limit your reading ambitions and the quest for an ambient space for drawing deeper knowledge. The answer might as well lie in the basement! In the past, our experts have helped homeowners transform their plain basements into more useful spaces. For those who need an extra garage for your latest ride, remodelling the basement space into a modern garage might be everything you need!

You don’t have to scratch your head for extra space when you have the basement, lying idle. You can transform this space into anything you have always desired. You only need to get in touch with our design experts, share your insights and give an estimate of your budget. We will work out something worth your money!

Building a Modern Kitchen the Carefree Way

If you have stayed long enough in the home remodeling and building industry, you might have realized that the kitchen is much more than small space for preparing food. With accelerating intensity, many homeowners now demand better kitchens in their homes, the modern kitchen. What’s so different in this latest generation kitchens? Why would someone save his earnings and be tight in his budget just to have a modern kitchen? You might be tempted to ask. Well, nothing seems so much appealing to a mother than having her custom design kitchen. It doesn’t have to be your home. Maybe you want to surprise your mom with something for her birthday. By simply getting in touch with EA Home Design, you might be on your way to pulling one of the greatest gifts one can ever have for his mother.

Have the facts at hand

Have you purchased a house with a rundown kitchen? Would you like to establish a modern kitchen in your compound? You do not have to worry about anything. Instead, you should focus on delving deeper into the home remodeling facts. The factors being considered include available space, client’s personal preferences the available resources. With everything at your disposal, you can have your dream kitchen designed and built by the best experts in town. At EA Home Design, our main aim is to attain optimum client satisfaction.

Budget Friendly Projects

Having the modern day kitchen can be so demanding, at least financially. As such, it is always advisable for homeowners to have the precise design of their dream kitchen, in addition, the specific budget they would like to operate within. We believe in creating value for your money so you can always be sure of pocket-friendly kitchen projects that will add real value to your home. The kind of design together with the space available will determine the ultimate amount you spend on this worthy project.

Working with experts

Adding a modern kitchen to your existing home or starting from scratch when building a new house can be so demanding. With a keen concentration on design work and making a wise choice of the kitchen materials, you might end up being in crossroads. As such, you need people who are not only experienced but also passionate about their job. Realizing your visions of a modern kitchen can be as easy as engaging professionals in service delivery. EA Home Design Experts guarantee nothing short of this.

Take your home to the next level

With the current system we are living in, an average cooking space is not enough to be contented with. Several homeowners nowadays prefer exclusive kitchen options with customized cooking surface and attractive kitchen drawers. You do not have any reason to be left out. You do not just want to experience the luxury of a style kitchen but also embrace the opportunity of increasing the overall value of your home. Have you ever thought that all these could just be a phone call away? Get in touch with EA Home Design today for favorable quotes!

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