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    20 Tips to Get the Ultimate Kitchen

    When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are certain ideas that can never go wrong. To change the look of your kitchen, therefore, you only need to embrace such ideas. At EA Home Design, we serve you with the ultimate list of 20 kitchen insights worth checking out.

    Ideal Lighting

    A well-lit kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. While focusing on lighting, you should strive to install the light in strategic places. For instance, you can embrace in-light cabinets. You can also take advantage of wall mounts lamps. They are essential in illuminating prep zones and working areas including the sink and Kitchen Island.

    Creative Food Preparation Station

    Modern cabinetry is more flexible and allows for seamless add-on options. For instance, you can decide to make your kitchen more efficient by investing in cabinetry with built-in knife storage. Think of having a drawer with a pullout cutting board just under the food prep surface. You will have an easy time preparing food and cleaning the surface.

    Redefine Storage

    If you take a closer look at most kitchens, the space above the refrigerator tends to lie idle. You can make the most out of this space by installing a small cabinet for storing appliances that are rarely used in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can embrace the idea of open shelving. It will provide a perfect display for special decorative kitchen items.

    Think of Window Treatments

    The benefits that come with window treatments are innumerable. They give room for additional privacy, control of light and extra decoration. For an easier task, you can think of treating your windows with fabrics that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. Go slow on the wood blinds that might require special cleaning routines. Even more, cellular shades that demand regular vacuuming aren’t the best options for window treatments.

    Rediscover the Farmhouse Formula

    Matching marble countertops and farmhouse sink seem have stood the test of times. Blending the two gives your kitchen a revamped and admirable look. They have remained preferable for ages. The trend isn’t about to change anytime soon.

    The Professional Way

    You can decide to make your kitchen look different by opting for a profession as opposed to the reserved home-style look. Visit a nearby restaurant and analyze the professional kitchen trends. It will challenge you to invest in certain appliances like steel pot rack.

    The Bizarre Color Craze

    Well, you might have been used to the black and white kitchen with slight variations of gray. It doesn’t have to be so, every time. You can think of using bright colors on the center cabinetry with extraordinary island color.

    Additional Banquette Sitting Space

    Do you want to turn an unutilized kitchen corner space into an eating area? Simply invest in a banquette. More amazingly, you can even have an additional storage space just under the bench seating.

    Try Glass Fronts

    For a perfect display of your cutlery, you can decide to invest in glass fronts. Even more, they add an open, bright feeling to the kitchen. For an enhanced display, you can think of mixing them with solid door cabinetry.

    The Prep Island

    If the island is large enough, you can add a sink at the center space to make it an additional prep space. You would have added more space to the kitchen without necessarily thinking of a kitchen extension plan.

    Under-counter Refrigerator

    Who said the refrigerator must just be a single, large unit at the corner of the houses? You can make use of the small space below the counter by turning into a built-in refrigeration system.

    Ideal Island

    Most islands tend to assume the common concrete look. For a modern day homeowner, you can think outside the box and go for a furniture island. The additional shelves on the sides can be used as storage space for cookbooks and other kitchen essentials.

    Accessible Dishware

    The perfect kitchen is one that is easily accessible. Make your work easier by having the dishware shelve closer to the dishwasher. This enhances the cleaning process.

    Stylish Backsplash

    If you want to give your kitchen a revamped look, then investing in a stylish backsplash is the way to go. You want your walls to be protected from occasional messy splashes. Make the kitchen space even more sparkling by using glass tiles in a graphic mosaic design.

    Special Storage

    Your kitchen deserves a sleek look. Sprawling small kitchen appliances like the blender, toaster, microwave oven all over the kitchen denies it the deserving look. Have a special appliance garage within the room for storing all the small appliances.

    Kitchen Workstation

    A kitchen workstation is a perfect spot for your little one to do her homework when dinner is being prepared. A simple built-in table and chair are all you need! Find it easy helping your little ones with their homework while preparing dinner.

    Glittering Galley

    Draw the eye of everyone entering your kitchen with scraped maple floors and glass tile mosaic backsplash. Make the kitchen even more glamorous by investing in under cabinet lightings. If you want everyone who steps inside your kitchen to have a different feel, this is the way to go.

    Wood Paneling

    You can transport everyone who steps into your kitchen back to the grandma’s country kitchen by going for wood paneling. Also referred to as shiplap, this design is ideal for a clean, sleek finish.

    Mixed Hardware Finish

    Look around, and you will notice that most homeowners opt for monochromatic stainless steel looks. Do something different to your home by opting for a blend of various finishes including copper, pewter, and gold.

    The Hutch Style

    It is so easy boosting your kitchen storage space by taking advantage of a built-in hutch. Even more, it enhances the look of your kitchen and further provides you with unmatchable display space. This design blends well with closed cabinets mixed with open shelving.

    The Perfect Outlook

    Most people tend to focus on function only when it comes to kitchen design or remodeling. Well, the outlook of your cooking space matters a great deal. Find incredible ways of expressing your personality by undertaking special projects like painting the cabinets in sleek colors.


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