15 Impressive Bathroom Flooring Ideas for a Beautiful Space


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When we say bathroom renovation, bathroom flooring is a very important part that has to be chosen properly. It must be practical, but the looks are important as well. It should withstand the harsh realities of daily use as well as unavoidable spills and splashes. The number of options makes the decision process of getting the right tile floor for the bathroom quite frustrating.

This guide will unveil 15 types of flooring that not only look great and impressive but also provide resilience towards water intrusion, and eventually make it a safe place for your home. Whatever your pick- luxury, comfort, or longevity –you will have a plethora of incredible ideas befitting your taste and budget. Ranging from stylish ceramic tiles to laminates, move to remoulade the appearance of your bathroom and upgrade the structure for its practicality.

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Top 3 Waterproof Flooring Options for Bathrooms

Vinyl Planks

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl planks are for bathroom flooring. These vinyl planks feature the advantage of dark resistance and the end point that is able to resemble hardwood or stone on their appearance. Because these boards are constructed with waterproof materials, they will last for a very long time even in environments with high levels of moisture, such bathrooms. The easiest way to set it up is usually by yourself; if it has click-locking hardware, it's much easier. Similarly, providing extra cushion and bounce in conjunction with comfort underfoot, are very nice features to savor in the morning or when the weather is freezing.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

The texture of porcelain tile has proven over time to be sturdier and water resistant that makes it one of the best candidates for the bathroom floor. In contrast to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made by applying high temperatures during the firing process to premium clay, resulting in a thick tile with less water absorption. Flaunting of porcelain tiles in a splendid array of designs, colours, and sizes which are helpful in designs of tile according to your style preferences. They are tough in a way that lets them scuff easily with high foot traffic, which is what you would find on a family bathroom.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone variants like slate, marble, and granite can also be used in such projects in order to add some sort of class and glimmer to the bathroom. Rock resembles natural durability and must handle the water successfully, as a result, it works great for shower. Every slab of flagstone floor is unique , and it gives an individual and beautiful look in a way that cannot be otherwise achieved. However note that while having a stone finish is pretty durable but the floor can become slippery when wet and might need periodic sealing to keep the water resisting and stain properties.

Durable and Stylish Flooring Choices for High-Traffic Bathrooms

Ceramic Tile

Tiles made of ceramic have been a frequently preferred material in bathrooms because of the versatility and longevity they offer. It’s as affordable as porcelain but still has the same level of hydrophobia as cement lessening its chances of breaking and succumbing to wear and tear especially in bathrooms with high traffic. Ceramics tiles come in a stunning array of color schemes, patterns and shapes and can be used in every room to wow you with its stylization. On the same note, they are very easy to clean and maintain, thus resulting in the bathroom being kept hygienic and sharp and fresh looking for many years to come.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood, like hardwood flooring, offers the charm and beauty but without being water damaged as traditional wood timber are usually subject to. This type of flooring is constructed from a top layer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of plywood or fiberboard to obtain stable and balanced pieces of laminate and reduce expansion as well as contraction due to humidity change in the bathroom. The engineered wood is often coated with a layer of protection which makes it moisture resistant. This coating makes it a ideal choice for bathroom hence practical choice.

Laminate floor


On the other hand, laminate flooring as well has couple of benefits due to its unaffectability by water and it can be chosen to fit the ambience of the room. Nowadays, some laminates can mimic the look of wood, stone or tiles, which is undoubtedly what brings out a fashionable touch in your bathroom. It has an abrasion-resistant top coating that resists scratches, by hitting hard objects, or staining, therefore can be used in all spheres of life, including in families or in frequent use. However, it is imperative to settle for the type that has an edge over moisture exposure so that you achieve long life span in a built in bathroom.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bathroom Flooring Solutions

Construct an eco-friendly bathroom by not only making it to look good but also respect the environment. It is becoming a very important factor for many homeowners nowadays. It is a good thing to know that there are various eco-friendly and sustainable flooring types that you can select from while looking for both aesthetically beautiful things as well as ecologically sound ways of doing so.


Cork is an ideal option for bathroom tiling in that it is displaying strong traits in this: capability of resisting mold and mildew and of not being affected by water. The bark of the ever-regenerating cork oak is the treasure trove from where the material of cork is harvested. It has a feature which creates a modest, plushy surface underfoot thus making our feet feel comfy, which is a bonus in a room where we often walk barefoot on our toes. First of all, cork has anti-slip properties naturally, which makes it go smoothly and prevent slips. This feature is very essential in the bathroom as slips are risky. In order to ensure the shower head’s long-lasting nature and moisture resistance in a humid place such as a bathroom, it had better be tightly sealed.


Bamboo flooring is also a wonderful eco-friendly choice, as it is known to possess an amount of strength and hardness similar to that of an ordinary hardwood floor. here, is one of the fastest growing grass that develops in just few years, exhibiting a great performance under the counter of the traditional hardwood trees that grow for years. If it is revetment you are after, then strand-woven bamboo would be the appropriate choice. Good bamboo flooring of this kind should be selected among a variety of products that are really suitable in flooded areas. The special attention should be paid to the moisture resistance because the flooring should be well protected against water ingress.


Easily mistaken for vinyl, cotton, and jute, natural linoleum is composed entirely of natural ingredients such as linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, and many others mixed together and applied on canvas or burlap backing sheet. It's made from biodegradable materials and it has different colours and designs which makes it ideal for those who are hypoallergenic. As linoleum is antiseptically fabulated and firmly impervious to damp, it is a top option for bathrooms. This is the case with other natural flooring choices as well, so always make sure you seal it to make it last longer and it will be harder to be damaged by water.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Flooring Alternatives

However, when you are renovating a bathroom, coming up with the cost of all the things you need can be a daunting idea. Fortunately, the market is now awash with affordable flooring alternatives, such as laminates, vinyl, and engineered hardwood, that still guarantee durability, style, and hassle free upkeep.

Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl Sheet

The vinyl sheet is the most affordable type of flooring that someone could choose for their bathroom. It is made of one larger piece, and therefore it has less seams, and the chance is less that water enters under the membrane. Vinyl is very durable, it can withstand any strong water, moulding or stains. It is relatively fast and convenient to clean in addition to the fact that it comes in a variety of styles which simulate the appearance of stone, tile, and wood flooring. It is a decision for the people who are able to get the stylish look and functionality and on the other side without high cost.


Rubber and tile flooring may seem surprising, but they offer great benefits due to their natural water resistance and durability as well as the wide range of options available as far as looks are concerned. It is soft underfoot for consumers. It provides comfort and cushion which is good when you want not to be too noisy in the early morning to other roommates. They are anti-slip, which means that they can be used under wet conditions and are easy to clean. There is rubber flooring in tiles or sheets. It is your choice which of the many colors and textures you wish for. You can have the professional come to your place to create a custom look.

Painted Concrete

If you are looking for a cool industrial finish, concrete paint is an excellent choice. This type of floor is not only very low on maintenance but also looks stunning and is extremely durable. Cement stands out for its inherent density and plays a role of a playing piece in the game of water exposure. Doing so prevents it from plunging into moisture and, thus, it allows you to create any form you like to match with the styles of your interior. To provide durability against the humid atmosphere in bathrooms, pick a strong concrete based paint and a protective sealer. This choice is affordable, and possibly much cheaper if you already have the concrete surface that just requires updating of look.

Unique and Creative Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Penny Tiles

Beneath their funky green shade, the penny tiles speak of unfussy elegance that can principally turn the bathroom unto a fabulous whimsical place. The pattern is called “penny tile,” a reference to its size, which is similar to that of a small round coin. The tiles make the surface attractive because of its playfulness as well as refinedness. Pick out which one of these fits your style the most, you can easily create a tailor-made look that runs gamut from minimalistic and all-ambery to crazy mosaic coloured. The gorgeousness of penny tiles is not simply because of its appearance but also the fact that it is an amazing tile to use which is versatile and therefore one of the best styles to choose.

Mosaic Tiles

If you’re entertaining the notion of having drama and artistry in your bathroom, mosaic tiles are what you need for the perfect touch. These tiny, maybe little coloured tiles are put together in elaborate designs or schematics and can be made to be natural scenes, abstract images or plain roof vandalism on purpose. Such tile works wonders because it spots out the focal point in your bathroom and they are available in an endless range of styles and building materials which include glass, ceramic, and even natural stone. The olasonam tiles can be disposed of in the entire bathroom floor or be used for decorative purposes as borders or insets offering an exclusive taste that’s both personal and luxurious.

Patterned Cement Tiles

For the ones who are seeking something that reminds a bit of vintage or original handicraft, patterned cement tiles might be the right solution. They are famous for being robust enough to withstand decades of incessant footfall and also merely for the depth of hues and the detail of the patterns they bear. Its aesthetic richness is what characterizes it as patterned cement tiles come in all motifs and patterns, from flowers to geometric designs. They could be the thing you use to set the pattern for a striking, stand-out floor that you can use as the point of interest in the room. Moreover, the inherent temperature reducing effect of concrete makes them a perfect option for places where it gets hotter.

Maintenance Tips for Different Bathroom Flooring Types

Taking care of your bathroom flooring in such a way, that it will look amazing for years and years, is equally as important as for decoration purposes but for ensuring its life duration too. Bathroom's floors due to the moist environment are very crucial to make the floor quality and care right so that it can serve as a complement to the design and durability of the space. Here are some tips to keep various types of bathroom floors looking their best:

Here are some tips to keep various types of bathroom floors looking their best:

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles:

Dust or vacuum often to eliminate dirt and dust. Na dabhag puro na powdered or abrasive cleaners that may scratch the surface, rather use a mild detergent and a warm water to mop the surface. For example, the process of prohibiting the penetration of dirt and mildew with grouts which are made to be stain and mildew resistant could be very helpful in keeping the cleanliness and appearance of the tile.

Natural Stone (such as marble, granite, or slate):

Use soft mope and cleaners predominantly when wiping down the stone surfaces. It's necessary to avoid acidic ones to ensure that you don't damage. Sealing should be done with natural stone every now and then to avoid the risk of moisture and stains. Therefore, the luxury appearance of the raw material should last.

Vinyl Flooring: 

Transitioning from the first type of system that is heavily controlled by the central bank to this type is, without a doubt, the most manageable option. Repeated sweeping followed by mopping at times with a very dilute cleaner will give a good appearance to vinyl floors. Instant cleanup after a spillage will not lead to staining and save your floor from suffering from deterioration for a much longer time.

Wood and Laminate Floors: 

Those moisture hating products, laminate and wood though , ought to be sealed correctly if you choose either of them when remodeling your floors. Exploit mats/rugs and drain water, evade puddles formation. The middle class, which generally does not unite behind a particular political party, might tilt slightly to either side depending on the candidates running for election and the issues that are salient for them. Dilute the water when cleaning them as high volume of water causes warping of the wood or ultimately damage.

Cement Tiles: 

Meant for indoor use, after installing cement tiles they should be sealed and resealed after a couple of years. Wash with mild detergent, and check for written spills and clean up them immediately to avoid stains.

Adopting a personalized bathroom flooring ideas and design and taking a good care of it brings out the aesthetic splendor of your home as well as its functionality. With the right material selection and proper maintenance, your bathroom , through occasional, can be transformed into a cool place without stressing you.


Knowing what Bathroom flooring option to use in your bathroom will completely transform how your bathroom looks and functions but can be tricky at times. You will most likely find marble with its classical elegance, the warm and eco-friendly cork and other materials, each one concealing unique properties and visual impact all in one place.

Take in the particularities of your bathroom like the degree to which moisture and water will involve it, in addition to your style preference to your budget and in this way, find the flooring that best suits your bathroom space. Large bathroom like the small one will look great if you take the right decision.

In doing so, we can turn the bathroom into a trendy and useful place that will serve us for a very long period of time. Not only does your choice of flooring satisfy you on durability, comfort or perhaps visual appeal, one flooring type does tick all the boxes to match your bathroom flooring renovation.

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