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10 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

Your bathroom is the most private space you probably have in your home. As such, it deserves a sense of personalization and a touch of great feeling. With ideal bathroom remodeling project, you can turn the small boring space you have always considered as your bathroom into a glamorous room. So how exactly do you achieve this? The best bathroom remodels projects are ones that are well planned for. You need to have an idea of what it takes to ensure ultimate success. At EA Home Design, we offer you a complete guide.

  1. Have Everything in Place

Ideal bathroom remodeling projects might at times mean going for special decorative and functional items. To be one the safer side, it is advisable making prior orders and having everything together before making the ultimate decision of rolling out the project. Nothing can be so frustrating than waiting for long time deliveries that don’t seem to come through. From the plumbing fixtures to the vanity tops, ensure everything is in place before the project is commissioned.
  1. Think of ripping the underlayment

In most cases, renovation of bathroom involves removal of the old flooring. This process can be time-consuming. Ripping up the underlayment together with the flooring provides you with an easier and timely alternative. To enhance the process further, it is advisable to divide the underlayment into sections and cut them. Observably, you will have to start from scratch when it is putting a new flooring.
  1. Choose your tiles wisely

Glass and mosaic tiles tend to be more expensive. The truth is, you do not need so much of them to make your bathroom appear glamorous. You can opt for accent tile design. Only use the high-end and fashionable tiles along the borders. This will give your bathroom a unique look without the need to break a bank.
  1. Try Curved Shower Rods

It might seem like one of those easy to ignore aspects. However, curved shower rods tend to add extra space to the shower. Although you are likely to pay more for the same, it is worth every dollar. For one, they have a deserving appeal, almost irresistible. The fact that they are attached to the walls using screws as opposed to tension, evident in straight shower rods, saves you the worry of the shower rod losing grip and falling.
  1. Updated Lighting

The best bathrooms exhibit proper lighting. You do not want to work on the other bathroom parts and leave the lights untouched; you can trust me on that. Special lighting is necessary at strategic corners of the bathroom. You can also embrace recessed lighting over the shower. Besides bathing, you will need the bathing room for shaving and application of makeup. As such, the light should be sufficient to allow easy carrying out of such activities. For the best results, ensure you go for lighting systems rated for washrooms.
  1. Find a center of focus

You might want to go slow on your bathroom-remodeling project. We understand that. However, you need to invest in at least one aspect that makes your bathroom stand out from the rest. Do you have a special attachment to the faucets? Think of having brass models. As opposed to the common porcelain sinks, try something new like a custom stone one. If your budget can allow, you can even consider a bathtub made of natural stone. At the end of the day, you need to find that one thing that will draw people’s attention the moment they set eyes on your bathroom. It doesn’t have to make you drained, but it is worth when it costs a little more than the other functional or decorative items.
  1. Don’t Compromise on Ventilation

Nothing can be so devastating than a luxurious bathroom with ventilation woes. The greatest enemy to any bathroom renovation project is moisture. With poor ventilation, molds and mildew will quickly find themselves inside your bathroom. At EA Home design, we advise our clients to invest invent fans and Opt for newer models which are more stylish and tend to blend well with modern bathrooms. Advisably, you should focus on making the window more spacious to allow in fresh air. That will reduce mold prevalence associated with dampening conditions.
  1. Don’t Overestimate DIY skills

To give the bathroom a personalized feel, it is fair enough getting involved in most of the procedures. However, you should have a firm grip on your limits. Have a thorough assessment of what you can comfortably do and what might as well be left for experts. You can trust me on one thing; you do not want to spend more by calling someone to fix something you messed up. Let the pros handle their part, if you want the authentic feel of a luxurious, modern day bathroom. At EA Home Design, we work hard not to let down our clients so you can always be certain of worthy services.
  1. Additional Bathroom Storage

The modern bathroom should display an ample storage space for your personal effects. You aren’t a college student anymore so don’t think of plastic units hanging above the showerhead. Grant your bathroom the deserving look by investing in built-in modern ceramic tile shelving. Be fair enough to have a medicine cabinet in the shower room, in the case of any emergency.
  1. Within the Budget

Budgeting is a great concern when it comes to bathroom remodeling. You do not want to start a project and leave it halfway due to financial constraints. To avoid any looming disappointment, you should have a plan and discuss it with your remodeling design expert. Have an idea of everything you need and find out if they fit within your budget. Where necessary, you can go slow on luxurious renovation ideas as you embrace budget friendly insights. Giving your bathroom a revamped look doesn’t have to be a hectic process as some might have been tempted to believe. You can make the most out of your remodeling project by simply keeping an eye on these tips coupled with a thorough consultation. Let me know if you need help for bathroom remodeling. Call us today!

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